Thanksgiving Letters

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on entry into the church,
posting of Thanksgiving will only be done online.

Thanksgiving – 26 Dec 2020


1. Dearest Mother Mary, Thank you for praying for me. Two months ago, my company closed down and I was worried about finding a new job due to the economic […]

Thanksgiving – 19 Dec 2020


1. Dearest Mother Mary, Thank you for being constantly by my side through difficult moments. What can be more painful to see your loved ones suffering emotionally and financially. Year […]

Thanksgiving – 12 Dec 2020


1. Dearest Mother Mary, Sorry that this thanksgiving letter is so late. I just want to thank you for your intercession. My mother fell in July and fractured her pelvic […]

Thanksgiving – 5 Dec 2020


1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, This letter is long overdue. In November last year I had a tumour in my brain. The doctors were concerned because if it was […]

Thanksgiving – 28 Nov 2020


1. Dearest Mother, Some months back I received an email requesting for proof of remittance so that I could file a claim to reclaim a portion of a large sum […]

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