Petition Letters

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on entry into the church,
posting of petitions will only be done online.

Petitions – 26 Dec 2020


1. Please help my daughter-in-law to keep her job. The company is taking actions to retrench staff in this difficult time. It is a most unsettling time and we pray […]

Petitions – 19 Dec 2020


1. Please intercede for my children that they will be able to discern what’s God’s will for them in life and surrender to His will. 2. The health of my […]

Petitions – 12 Dec 2020


1. Please intercede for my child to find a good secondary after the PSLE results. 2. I have been having a bad pain on my back and shoulder. Please pray […]

Petitions – 5 Dec 2020


1. Dear Mother please pray for my family who are going through a bad time financially. My father who is the sole bread-winner has just lost his job, please help. […]

Petitions – 28 Nov 2020


1. Please pray for me and intercede for me that my faith and trust in God will be strong. 2. Mother Mary, things haven’t been smooth for a long period […]

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