Novena Devotion Schedule


Novena Devotion (Saturday)
English      – 8.00 am, 10.00 am, 12.00 pm, 4.00 pm, and 6.00pm 

Mandarin   – 2.00pm

Online Novena Devotion (Saturday)
English     – 10.00 am (YouTube and Facebook link to YouTube)
Mandarin  – 2.00pm (YouTube)

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Reading & Responses for the week
Sunday, 18 February

Gen 9:8-15; 1 Pt 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15
Your ways, Lord, are faithfulness and love for those who keep your covenant.

Monday, 19 February

Lev 19:1-2,11-18; Mt 25:31-46
Your words are spirit, Lord, and they are life.

Tuesday, 20 February

Is 55:10-11; Mt 6:7-15
The Lord rescues the just in all their distress.

Wednesday, 21 February

Jona 3:1-10; Lk 11:29-32
A humbled, contrite heart, O God, you will not spurn.

Thursday, 22 February

Chair of St. Peter
1 Pt 5:1-4; Mt 16:13-19
The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.

Friday, 23 February

Ez 18:21-28; Mt 5:20-26
If you, o Lord, should mark our guilt, Lord, who would survive?

Saturday, 24 February

Deut 26:16-19; Mt 5:43-48
They are happy who follow God’s law!