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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on entry into the church, posting of petitions and thanksgiving will only be done online.

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1. I pray for my husband to return to God and value his family.

2. Please heal my body from this disease that till now no doctor can diagnose.

3. I ask for the grace to forgive and for the healing of my hurts.

4. I want to change and become a better person. Please give me the courage.

5. I am in depression. Please heal me.

6. Help me to overcome my addiction and set me free from.

1. Please intercede for my Goddaughter as she had just undergone an operation to remove her womb. Pray for her speedy recovery

2. Dear Mother Mary, I pray for a lenient warning from the Police for an unfortunate accident caused by me.

3. Please Mother Mary, I ask for your intercession to your Son for guidance as I am about to make a big decision in my life concerning my future.

4. Dear Mother, I am in a desperate need of financial help to settle my bills. Please help me and have mercy on me.

5. I pray dear Mother for a happy marriage. I hope to find a good Catholic partner to settle down with. Please guide me.

6. Dear Mother Mary, as this year is ending, I pray for your intercession to continue to guide me and my family into the new year.

7. Mother, intercede for my daughter so that she will be able to continue to study for her diploma. She has repeated her core subjects twice and will be expelled if she fails a third time. I know that she has to play her part as well.

8. Dear Mother, please intercede to your Son Jesus, for me to have a healthy baby. I am in my sixth month and so far, all seems fine.

9. Mother Mary, intercede to Jesus for my family who are in dire straits financially. I am the only breadwinner, and the bills and debts are piling up. Please pray that eventually all will be well.

1. Mother Mary, please pray for all to celebrate this coming Christmas with hearts and minds full of love for Jesus. May this love be seen in our charity towards others, especially the poor, the lonely and the elderly.

2. Please continue to guide me in my search for a life partner. I pray that you will lead me to one very soon.

3. Dear Mother, please bless my son and intercede for him to get into the Officer Cadet School and be trained as a good leader and to be commissioned as a good officer.

4. After 3 years, we are travelling to India. Please intercede for my family. Lead us safely throughout our journey. Keep us in good health.

5. Dear Mother, please pray for us to have healthy children, be wholesome parents, supportive spouses and good people.

6. Please pray for my family, my husband and children. Grant them good health, good behaviour and be God-loving children.

7. Dearest Mother, please intercede for healing of my eczema, depression, anger & hatred. May there be peace and reconciliation at home.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray for my sister-in-law who is sickly. Currently she is having a relapse of a brain infection.

1. Mother of Perpetual Help, I pray for your intercession to heal me from cancer. Mother, I pray that you stay with me when my heart and mind is filled with doubt and fear.

2. Please continue to intercede for my son to do well in his studies and not to fall into bad company or be involved in anything that is not good in the sight of your Son, Jesus.

3. Dear Mother, I’m in dire straits and need your help in lifting my trading so that I can do well to provide for our temporal needs while on earth. Please guide and show me the way out through all these issues we face in our family.

4. My beloved Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray to our Lord Jesus to intercede for my cousin and her husband to be blessed with a child.

5. Dear Mother, please pray for my son who will be getting married in December. Mother, pray that Jesus will embrace them with His love and grace and bless their union.

6. Dear Mother Mary, I wish to place a petition for my helper who has abnormal readings in a recent MRI scan. Mother, pray that she will be healthy and well.

7. Dearest Mother, I pray for strength and courage to overcome all the uncertainties in the coming months. I also pray for guidance to be a good mother, focusing on my kids’ needs and not my wants.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my friend’s mother who has incurred a very huge debt and this debt has caused a great burden on the family.

9. Please pray for my friend’s elder son who has left home without informing her of his whereabouts. Intercede for this family’s hurts and unforgiveness to be healed.

10. Dear Mother, please pray for my family and the blessing of a new home. I pray that the renovation works on the place we are taking over will be smooth and without major setbacks and that we may move into a place of our own with peace, harmony and good health.

11. Dear Mother Mary, I started a new job recently and I am overwhelmed and stressed. My mind is always filled with work issues. Please intercede for me and grant me the grace to learn and absorb quickly.

12. Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray for my father’s upcoming surgery to go well.

13. Mother Mary, I am praying for health, conversion and the protection for my sister and her family.

14. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for the recovery and healing of my mother from depression.

15. Dear Mother of Perpetual help, we pray to you for my brother and his family. They are going through unbearable difficulties. Please help them and bring them into your blessed path and way of life.

16. Dearest Mother Mary, I pray for a smooth pregnancy and for my baby to grow healthy.

17. Mother, I pray for my son to be well and that he will recover soon from his sickness. I pray for all the results to be well and good.

18. Dear Mother of Perpetual help, I finally received a good job offer that is convenient for me. I pray that I will not be nervous in the interview and I pray for the wisdom and knowledge of God to answer the questions and be confident in the way I present myself.

1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for peace to return to the peoples in places where there’s war. Let them have a calm and peaceful Christmas.

2. Please intercede for a friend’s baby who has a spinal problem. May she not have to go through any invasive surgery.

3. I’m praying for my elderly aunt who is in ICU. May she regain her health and strength.

4. Help my daughter with her college application as she needs a miracle to get into the course she wants to do.

5. Mother, look after my husband who has had to go through a heart bypass. Help him to enjoy peace of mind and have many more good years with us.

6. My grandson will be coming home for his holidays. Protect him and keep him safe on his travels.

7. I’m having difficulty with a person at work. Please pray for me that I may be enlightened as to make the right decisions when dealing with the person.

8. My daughter has been hurt and is very disappointed. Pray that she will be healed and overcome the disappointment.

9. Mother, ask your Son, Jesus, to heal me of my cancer so that I can go back to work.

10. Please Mother Mary, my daughter will be getting married in December. May all go well and smoothly and guide them to have a beautiful and loving married life.

11. Dearest Mother, I am going through a rough patch in my career. Be with me during this difficult time and lead me to a job where I can find meaning and fulfilment.

12. Mother of Perpetual Help, we’ll be moving into our new home very soon. Bless us with your grace and continue to lead us towards Jesus, your Son.

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for always interceding for me for more than 2 decades. You have answered my prayers again and I am very grateful. My daughter will be signing her employment contract next week. We are very happy and thank you very much for your perpetual help.

Your Grateful Child.

2. Dearest Mother Mary,

My daughter and son-in-law had been trying for a child the past few years. She had a miscarriage back then. We prayed for her to conceive and we asked for your prayers. She is now 10 weeks pregnant. I thank you, Mother Mary, for your intercession. You are always there for us.

Your Loving Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother,

My brother was suffering from stage 3 cancer and they were going to insert a stomach tube to feed him. As they wheeled him into the operating theatre, I couldn’t bear it. I walked aimlessly and saw this Church. So I walked in and saw a service going on. I joined in and heard the thanksgiving letters and also prayed. Later, I heard that the procedure was not successful as his heart almost went into failure. 3 days later after discussions with the doctors, they decided to put the least invasive nasal tube and it was successful. My thanksgiving is for the blessing in disguise. The first procedure was unsuccessful in our eyes, but God had a much better plan for my brother. He is now on the road to recovery and I thank you Mother for this wondrous gift of life and am so grateful that I could come 5 days later with so much peace and gratitude.

Your Grateful Servant.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

In October I was informed by my boss that my role would be made redundant and my employment will end on 30th December. I prayed to you for your intercession and just 3 weeks before my termination date, I found a job to start in January next year. Thank you so much for answering my prayer as I needed a job to support my mum. I am ever grateful to you and your Son, Jesus for all my blessings.

Your Loving Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother, thank you for taking care of my family and me in keeping us happy and healthy. You have blessed me with a fantastic supportive wife and two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law and a grandson & granddaughter. Whilst it has been a journey down life’s highway with its humps and bumps, you were always there to help me and my family. You have been protecting and guiding me quietly from the time that I was a small street urchin struggling for a living by peddling cheap knick-knacks in Chinatown, aided me in my studies, introduced me to a great lady who later became my wife and helped me to become a professional – with a lovely family and good friends. Your Son.

6. Dear Mother,

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for drawing me closer to your Son, Jesus, through my daily rosary devotion. It has not been easy converting to the Catholic faith at the age of 40. By then, I already had 3 kids with my non-Catholic husband. It has been an uphill task sharing my Catholic faith with my 3 children. However with God’s grace, they were able to come to know Jesus. Unfortunately after 2 years, I had to stop bringing them for Mass in order to keep peace in the marriage. It has been 8 years that I have compromised, catechising my kids at home. A decision that I deeply regret. 9 weeks ago, I started attending the Saturday Novena devotion, praying for your intercession, to bring my children back to attending Mass and for them to renew their relationship with the Lord. At the end of the nine weeks, a strange situation occurred that led to my 11 year-old attending his first Mass in 8 years. I believe that it was only through your intercession that this was possible. Thank you Mother, for your prayers and love for me and my children and for keeping my marriage going against all odds. The spiritual battle is still ongoing, but I trust in God’s love and mercy, as well as your unfailing help and intercession.

Your Loving Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

On the feast of Immaculate Conception I was at Novena Church and prayed to you for a friend who had constant pain in her foot for quite some time. Praise be to God and your intercession during the special hour, her pain was gone. It was healed and she no longer has any pain. Thank you dear Mother, for answering my prayer.

Your Faithful Daughter.

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for guiding the team of doctors and staff in carrying out a successful operation on my hernia which was troubling me for several years. Thank you once again.

Your Grateful Son.

2. My dearest Mother Mary and Lord Jesus,

The year 2022 is coming to a close. I write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me and my family. Thank you for your guidance, protection and grace. I also thank you for the countless, times you have rescued me from danger and for the answered prayers and miracles. I don’t have enough words to express my heart felt gratitude.

Your Grateful Children.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

On 30th November I had a medical appointment at Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital for a check-up with a specialist. As I was early, I went to the Novena Church and asked you, Mother Mary, and your son Jesus for the results to be normal and for good health. Indeed, my prayers were answered, and I was overjoyed. Thank you, Mother, and your Son, Jesus.

Your Loving Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for walking with me through the joys and sorrows of my life. You have taught me so much. And, you have led me out of all my difficult times, like when I was studying in Perth and when my relationship broke down. You also led me to be part of a church community, to serve and at a retreat you revealed to me that I am loved. Please continue to be with us and pour out your love upon us. As we come to know your Son, more and more. Help us grow in holiness.

Your Grateful Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother,

My son was admitted on the 2nd of December for an emergency operation for cancer of the larynx. Several biopsies and CT scans were done on him to see whether the cancer had spread. The results came back negative. I want to thank you dearest mother for the good results and for him to go through the operation without any complication. Please Mother, continue to heal him through your prayers to your merciful Son so that he will be completely recovered.

Your Most Loving Daughter.

6. Dear Mother,

I am blessed with a new job environment that is very conducive. It is a calmer place to work in. My office colleagues are friendly and helpful, and the working hours are family oriented. Thank you, Mother Mary and Jesus, for this job opening.

Your Grateful Daughter.

7. My dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

This thanksgiving letter is six months late. My husband and I moved into a new home six months ago and we are happy and grateful that everything went well. We have good neighbours and we know that you will continue to protect and guide us in our new home as you have always done.

Your Ever Grateful Children.

1. Dearest Mother,

A very big thank you for all the favours I have been granted. No words are enough to thank you, Mother, for interceding on my behalf for my 3 children. Thank you for making my daughter meet her future husband when I had given up. My faith has increased immensely and I am so thrilled with all the blessings.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am grateful to you for helping my grandson with his PSLE. He has passed the test. I know that it would not have been possible without your intercession.

Your Loving Catholic Daughter.

3. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for interceding for us in our medical procedure and results. My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a smooth gastroscopy and colonoscopy and also for the medical results which are all ok.

Your Catholic Son.

4. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for answering all my prayers. I appreciate your love for me and the whole world. I am sure everyone loves you and the way you practice your virtues. Thank you for my good grades.

Your Daughter.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I am writing this thanksgiving letter to thank you for the many blessings you have given me. I cannot thank you enough. It was only through your intercession that I have overcome my PSLE without any worries.

Your Grateful Child.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

I want to thank you for blessing my son and his wife with a beautiful baby girl. They have been childless for many years and had almost given up hope. All the screening tests done on the baby went well. The baby is normal and healthy. Mother, I continue to ask for your blessings on this child. Protect her through her life with good health in mind and body.

Your Devoted Child.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for providing me with a good internship experience. My colleagues and supervisor have been very friendly and approachable. I am learning as much as I can from this opportunity given to me. Thank you for interceding for me.

Your Catholic Daughter.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

It is only through your prayers that I have been able to go through life’s challenges. I have been without a steady job since March but somehow you have been there to help me when I was desperate. It is only through your grace and kindness and care that I am able to carry on and will carry on, to be strong in faith that I will be whole again.

Your Hopeful Child.

1. Dearest Mama Mary,

I am grateful for the miracle that happened through your intercession. I had ovarian cysts since 2020. Last week, I had cramps and was referred to the emergency. The night before I went to the hospital, I prayed the rosary earnestly and asked for your intercession. The following day at the hospital, the doctor did a scan and told me that no cysts were in sight at all. I’m totally in shock and thank God for His mercy and also for your powerful intercession. Please continue to intercede for me as I go on to investigate the reason for the pain. Thank you, Mother, I love you.

Your Grateful Child.

2. Dearest Mother Mary,

I’m writing this thanksgiving letter for the prayers answered. My father-in-law’s surgery went smoothly and also for my friend’s mother who had a surgery for cancer. The doctor has said that she needs only radiation therapy and need not go through chemotherapy. Thank you, Mother Mary, for helping them through the surgeries.

Your Loving Daughter.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for your intercession for all these years. I know my family and I would never become what we are today without your powerful intercession. You have always been there for us during our life’s challenges and have never failed to comfort us in our darkest moments. Though the future seems to be uncertain, I strongly believe that you would continue be with us to overcome the adversities that life may bring. I love you, Mama Mary.

Your Catholic Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother,

Words cannot describe the gratefulness and joy for the miracle you have helped me with. Last week, my company was on the verge of being totally destroyed due to financial problems caused by the pandemic. I had unsurmountable debts which I could not find a way to repay. Over the past few weeks, I have written petitions, and almost every morning I came to Novena prayer garden to pray for your most kind intercession and help. Last Wednesday, I was summoned to a meeting by my clients expecting them to terminate my services. Instead of terminating services, my client asked me about my problems and came to my rescue and helped my company pay the debts and the money was received on Friday! This is nothing short of a miracle. Nothing is impossible to God through your prayers and intercession, I was delivered from certain doom, and saved from destruction. As always, my dearest Mother, you have come to my aid during the darkest hour of need. Thank you and please continue to pray and intercede for me as I embark on this journey of recovery for my business.

Your Catholic Son.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for protecting my younger son when he came down with Covid last Saturday. Thanks to your intercession, he is feeling much better now. He had to take his examination online last week. Thank you for helping him to cope with that as well. Thank you for protecting the rest of us who have not had Covid. Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dear Mother Mary, thank you for interceding to your Son and in blessing both my husband and I with new jobs, with offers coming on the same day and also our place of work is near to each other. I am very thankful, and you have given me the calmness and strength to present myself to the interviewers. My husband and I are truly blessed and believe that you provided new opportunities for both of us.

Your Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

We are here today to give thanks to you for an answered prayer. Right after the PSLE, my daughter and I visited Novena church to intercede that my daughter gets good results. The PSLE results were out last week and we are happy beyond words that what we prayed for were all answered. Considering the pressure and difficulties in taking this exam and that the PSLE journey was not an easy one, we will forever be grateful for your help and intercession. You never fail to show us your grace and love.

Your Loving Daughter.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for your intercession and protection for keeping my mother safe for 24 years after her heart bypass operation. With her chronic health condition, your intercession for her to our Lord and allowing her to live a normal life. These 24 years have given our family much joy and happiness together. Through your powerful intercession, our Lord put all things together for her, giving her a kind doctor to manage her health, a caring domestic helper and a loving youngest brother to take care of her despite his back pains and his work. My mother passed away on 5th November peacefully at home at nearly 90 years old. Our Lord continued with His blessings during my mother’s funeral which was held in the Church’s chapel of repose without any objections from the siblings as I and my wife are the only Catholics. Thank you also for sending two priests and a Chinese Divine Mercy group to pray for my mother. No amount of words can fully express my thanksgiving to you, Mother Mary, who helped us every time we prayed to you. Mother Mary, we love you and honour you.

Your Grateful Children.

1. Dear Mother,

Thank you for being with us on our holidays in Jeju last week. The weather was good and the rain predicted to fall on our last 2 days there didn’t happen! We managed to arrange a great day of unplanned sightseeing and I had help from friendly Koreans in getting things organised. We are grateful for your guidance and protection.

Your Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother,

This thanksgiving letter is long overdue. Today, I’m giving testimony to your great love and intercession to your Son, Jesus, for me, not once but time and time again. With my husband’s sudden death, I had to sell my house. I turned to you, dearest Mother, for help, as I feared a long drawn and worrying uncertainty. But to my relief, in a matter of 3 days when the sale was announced, the deal was clinched. I was even offered a price way beyond my expectation. With the Lord’s grace, I was granted a near immediate solution to my problems. I am so blessed to have received from the Lord and I know I will be more blessed when I give accordingly. I thank you, dearest Mother and I love you.

Your Ever Grateful & Devout Catholic Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for answering my prayers. My wife had a successfully thyroid cancer surgery and is recovering well.

Your Son.

4. Dearest Beloved Mother,

My family and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your powerful intercession and abundant blessings. We prayed for the safety of my son who was away for a couple of years Your beloved Son, Jesus, and you, have heard our prayers. Currently, he is back home for a good bonding together with the entire family. We beg you dearest Mother to pray for us and be with us always. May God help him to secure a suitable job in Singapore soon. Once again, we thank and praise God for the graces we had received always!

Your Ever Grateful Catholic Family.

5. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour,

Thank you for protecting my husband from a potentially serious accident yesterday. As he was driving along the fast lane of the expressway, the engine of the car suddenly stalled, without any warning. Miraculously, an ambulance which happened to be travelling a few cars behind him came to his rescue. The driver saw what was happening and put on the flashing lights to block other cars along the lane. The ambulance did not have any patient in it so the medic came out and helped push our car to the road shoulder, while directing traffic safely. It was through your intercession with Jesus that the right people were there at the right time to help my husband. Thank you, dear Mother, for your protection.

Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother Mary,

Whenever I write a petition to ask for your intercession on something I also make it a point to write a thanksgiving letter to thank you for everything I have in my life. I just want you to know how much I love you and how thankful I am that you are my Mother. You are so gentle, patient, understanding and most of all loving. Just like Jesus’ love for me, I know your love for me is so strong and powerful that it is always around me every day of my life. I am really a very happy Catholic daughter even though I feel there is room for improvement in my faith. I promise to always strive to be the best Catholic daughter every day and to not feel arrogant about my faith. Thank you, Mother, for loving me so much, for taking care of me every day and for always interceding to Jesus for me. I love you very, very much. You mean so much to me.

Your Catholic Daughter.

7. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour, a

About two weeks ago, my grandson went for a scope and I wrote a petition to you to protect and grant him a successful procedure and good test results. A big thank you for answering my prayer. The doctor said that except for a minor reflux problem, everything is fine and well. Thank you, Blessed Mother, and also for interceding to our Lord Jesus Christ, for His grace and protection for my grandson.

Your Loving Son.        

8. Dearest Mother Mary,

This thanksgiving letter is long overdue. Two years ago, around this time, my mother was admitted to the hospital for a bad infection on both her legs. After some treatment, the doctors informed us that one of her legs needed to be amputated. My mother was devastated and we were deeply saddened by their prognosis. As my mother was warded at TTSH, I walked over to Novena Church to pray for your intercession. I stood outside the Church as it was closed then but I could feel your love and presence as I prayed for a miracle. Many of our friends and relatives prayed for her recovery, too. Mother dearest, you heard our prayers. On Christmas eve, my mother was finally discharged from hospital after being admitted for more than a month. After many rounds of treatment, my mother’s legs began to show signs of healing. Today, she is so grateful that she is mobile and able to enjoy some independence. Thank you, dearest Mother for your intercession!

Your Loving Daughter.

9. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for your intercession for my husband. We came to Novena Devotion in August and asked for your help when he lost his job of 9 years. Despite a few disappointments in his interviews, we did not give up hope but continued praying for God’s mercy and ask for your intercession. We are so thankful to you, Mother, for hearing our pleas and praying for us. My husband will be starting his new job next week and we give thanks to you and our Lord for answering our prayers. May we continue to trust in God and ask for your intercession for strength and guidance.

Your Grateful Daughter.

10. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for being with me today when I had the most anxious experience and pulling me out of it with your help. I left my laptop in the backseat of a Gojek car, and the next passenger who found it actually asked the driver to make a detour back to my workplace to return it. I was so anxious trying to reach the driver to retrieve my laptop, and both their kind actions really helped save me from a lot of anxiety and potential trouble with my company. I know, Mother, you were there to help me in this situation, and you resolved it so quickly for me. May the 2 kind-hearted persons be blessed with your protection as well. Thank you, Mother Mary for interceding for me all the time.

Your Most Grateful Daughter.

11. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour,

I came a few months ago asking you to intercede for me so that my university application would be successful. This was my second attempt as my first one was unsuccessful. I started to worry as in the past few weeks some of my friends started to receive their emails but I didn’t. However, I continued to trust and pray to you at your shrine. A few days ago, I received the email saying my application was successful. I was overwhelmed with joy that I came for Mass to thank you on that day itself and I have come to realise how powerful your prayers really are! Thank you once again, Mother.

Your Grateful Son.