For your ease and convenience, you may make a donation towards the various aspects of the church below.

We continue to need your generous support in maintaining the Church.
You may wish to contribute to the Novena Church Fund through the various ways below.


UEN No. Entity "Redemptorist Fathers Maintenance Fund"
QR QR Novena Church Fund Entity "Novena Church Fund"
Pay Wave
Donations via PayWave can be done with our credit card machine located at the Novena Church Reception desk
Kindly issue your cheque payable to: Redemptorist Fathers Maintenance Fund.
For those who wish to donate via GIRO, please download the GIRO Form

The training of Redemptorists is not under the care of the Archdiocese of Singapore. Redemptorists, as with all Religious Congregations are financially independent of the Archdiocese. We see to the financial expenses of our own candidates to the priesthood and religious life. You may like to give a donation to the formation of Redemptorists through the various ways below.


UEN No. Entity "Redemptorist Fathers - VP"
QR QR Novena Church Fund Entity "Redemptorist Seminary"

The Redemptorist Community rely on your contribution for our daily upkeep of the
community and other mission initiatives outside Novena Church ministries.

You may like to contribute to the Redemptorist Community through the various ways below.


UEN No. Entity "Redemptorist Fathers"
QR QR Novena Church Fund Entity "Redemptorist Community"

If you have offered a mass intention through our communication channels and would like to offer a stipend, it can be made through the following manner.


Bank Transfer
Kindly make payment to our UOB bank account 116-315-106-0. Once transfer is made, please email us a snapshot of the transfer for our record purposes.
Kindly send the cheque payable to “Novena Church”. Please indicate “Mass Offering” at the back of the check, and also kindly email us to inform us of your stipend contribution.
Make your cash contribution physically at our reception when the church reopens.

Donating via PayNow

If you are familiar with online banking, you may use your bank’s mobile app to give your donations via PayNow UEN (unique entity number) or PayNow QR (Quick Response) codes.


Important: Please only use the UEN and QR codes provided on this page. Please check that you are giving to one of the entities listed below, when you are using your mobile banking app.


  1. Redemptorist Fathers Maintenance Fund
  2. Novena Church Fund
  3. Redemptorist Fathers – VP
  4. Redemptorist Seminary
  5. Redemptorist Fathers
  6. Redemptorist Community


How to make a PayNow transfer using UEN or QR code?


Step 1: Sign-in to one of the following apps.

Step 2: For methods using UEN, tap ‘PayNow’, and select UEN. For QR codes, tap ‘QR Pay’ or ‘Scan & Pay’, and place the mobile phone camera over QR code image
Step 3: Verify the entity name shown in the app matches one of the entities of Novena Church listed above.
Step 4: Enter amount to make payment
Step 5: Receive confirmation on mobile once payment is successful
Step 6: Take a snapshot or screenshot of the transaction

For iPhone Users

For Android Users


Thank you for your generous support.

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