Singapore/Malaysia (Ipoh)
300 Thomson Road
Singapore 307653
+65 6255 2133
+65 6250 4278
+65 6251 8505

In 1935, Bishop Adrien Devals of Singapore asked for a permanent Redemptorist foundation. He provided a house on Thomson Road for 6 Redemptorists to take up residence. If he could only see the Redemptorist presence on Thomson Road now.

In its beginning, Singapore provided a base to extensive mission fields. The missioners in the first few years travelled as far afield as Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan, as well as through Burma, Malaya and Borneo. Everywhere they found English speaking communities to keep them occupied, preaching missions and giving retreats.

The Redemptorists in Singapore have taken to heart Pope Pius IX’s decree to make Mary known to all as a source of refuge and strength. Today the Singapore Redemptorist have become synonymous with the Perpetual Help Novena. The weekly devotions are built around a number of sessions to cater for the crowds who attend each Saturday. Drawing attendees from a variety of faiths has led to the creation of regular classes of religious instruction. The Novena’s ever growing popularity has blessed the community with the creation of the new Novena Church.

The new Novena Church is not just a larger building that can accommodate more people or provide more comforts. The Novena Church is a community of disciples leading others to an experience of plentiful redemption through Evangelization (i.e. sharing the faith), authentic worship and service to the poor and abandoned.

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