Pastoral Outreach

Novena Church embraces the principle of: Devotion leads to Mission
and the Redemptorists; lay ministers and the faithful of the Novena Church
are committed to being involved in the daily lives and struggles of the
poor and abandoned. The community of the Novena Church is thus committed to
making the Shrine a centre of hospitality, mercy, solidarity and
assistance to all. The Novena Church is also committed to being at the
forefront of pastoral care to migrants and itinerant peoples.
Accordingly, The Novena Church has several ministries in the service of the
poor and abandoned, especially the elderly, the sick, migrants and

DAWN (Migrants Apostolate)
DAWN which stands for “Developing All Women in the
New Era”, is committed to the advancement of Foreign Domestic Workers
by drawing forth their talents and gifts and imparting a variety of
life skills.
Sowers (Hospital Ministry)
The Sowers minister to the aged and the sick through
weekly visits to homes.