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Liturgy and devotion are powerful and effective ways of evangelization
and Novena Church is a place where people come to pray and worship. The
Redemptorists and lay ministers are committed to make the liturgy a
meaningful experience of encounter with the Lord.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
The Communion Ministers assist in distributing
communion at all celebrations of the Eucharist and also bring Holy
Communion to the sick at hospitals.
The choirs serve the worshipping community at the
liturgies of the Novena Church by fostering the active participation of
the faithful through singing. There are five choirs in the Novena Church:
Altar Servers
The Altar Servers directly assist the priests in the
sanctuary at the liturgies at the Novena Church.
Ministers of Hospitality
The Ministers of Hospitality play a vital role in
making the Novena Church a home where all are welcomed. They meet the
faithful at the entrances, lead them to appropriate places, assist the
needy, direct processions and take up the collection at masses. In
addition, they also assist in the maintenance of order and security.
Lectors proclaim the Word of God at all Eucharistic
Sacristy and Flower Arrangement Ministers
The sacristans and other assistants in the sacristy
take care of the preparation and decoration of the church for all
celebrations at the shrine.
Carpark Wardens
The Carpark Wardens play an important role by seeing
to the order and safety of traffic flow and parking on Saturdays and
other major events.
iLIT Team (part of the Media Team)
The iLIT or audio-visual team prepares and manage the visual
projections at all liturgies.
Agape (Shrine Cleaning and Upkeep Ministry)
The Agape Group is a team committed the cleaning and
maintenance of the Novena Church.