Petitions – 14 August 2021

1. Dearest Mother, I trust that you will help us overcome the financial woes and difficulties and give us what we need to survive. Protect us always.

2. Dear Mother, please intercede and pray for my non-Catholic brother who is suffering from kidney cancer. Give him strength and peace and guide his doctors in making wise decisions to save him.

3. I am seeking your assistance to seek justice for me and my son. As a single breadwinner, I have suffered all my years and now I am unemployed and in deep financial trouble. I have huge debts and don’t know what to do.

4. Please intercede for me in my application for a scholarship. I pray that my application will be successful.

5. I pray for your intercession to find a job soon and to help my family financially.

6. I am praying that all those people that I am in contact with are Covid free. Please embrace them with your motherly hands.

7. Dear Mother Mary, pray for us as we need to pay for the house, our daughter is jobless and our son is also having difficulty getting a permanent job to pay off all his debts.

8. Please keep me away from temptation and let me emulate your ways and be a good wife and mother.

9. My husband and I will be taking our 1st Sinovac Vaccination. Please pray and intercede for us and protect us from any side effects.

10. Please heal my father. May he recover soon.

11. I have been very bitter towards my relative who hurt me and damaged my name 10 years ago. Please help me to get rid of the bitterness in me and learn to forgive.

12. I pray for courage and motivation to focus more on my health and well-being. Help me to be more aware of how to improve myself despite the things that hinder me.

13. Dear Mother Mary, I feel so down as I am losing hope. Please help me.