Petitions – 7 August 2021

1. Dearest Mother, it’s been 2 years since we left our own home to stay with my parents. My husband lost his job then and we rented out our place to make ends meet. Now we are planning to sell the private property and get a new HDB flat. Please help us to sell our private property at a good price amidst these economic conditions. Please guide us to buy a new home that will be good for us.

2. Dear Mother, I pray for the improvement of the Covid situation in Indonesia where the hospitals are full and a lot of people are dying every day. I hope everyone will be able to find medication and oxygen. Please protect my family, especially parents who are old and have other complications, keep them safe and healthy.

3. Please bless that my maid’s police case will be resolved and nothing will happen to her.

4. I like to pray for my sister’s children to find right partners in marriage as they are in their 30s.

5. I had tumour in my spine last year and through your prayers and intercession the cancer has been in remission. My left leg is affected due to the compression of the tumour on my spinal cord. I have not been able to walk properly and only able to walk a little assisted by sticks. I pray my damaged nerves will be healed so that I can walk again.

6. I lost my job early this year due to the company’s restructuring. Being a foreigner, it has been almost impossible to find a job. By the grace of God, I managed to go through 3 rounds of interviews but due to some management changes, the company is not able to provide a confirmation regarding my offer and it has been pending for a month. I ask for your intercession for all hurdles to be cleared and for me to get my letter of acceptance and employment pass approved.

7. Please pray for me and my wife. We have been trying to conceive without any success. May our Lord Jesus Christ, grant us a baby soon.

8. I lent my friend a huge sum of money a couple of years ago. I have been trying to recover the sum but he is not being cooperative and is using legal means to avoid repayment. I feel lost, helpless and betrayed. Mother, please pray with and for me to resolve this issue.

9. I will be starting university soon and I am overwhelmed by uncertainty, fears, worries and even doubts. Everyone is saying uni is difficult and that’s not helping me. Mother Mary, please pray for me as I prepare myself for this new phase in life.

10. Please continue to guide and protect my non-catholic brother who is suffering from cancer. He will remain in hospital until next week as he will be going for surgery to remove the tumours from his brain.

11. I pray that the media launch for my business will go smoothly and it will be a success. I also pray that our plans and vision will be aligned with our consultant and that we can achieve an outcome that we are pleased with and proud of.

12. Please pray for my nephew who is in Primary 1 as he is struggling with his Chinese language.