Thanksgiving – 31 Jul 2021

  1. Dearest Mother,

    15 years ago I came to your shrine pleading with you to help my son who was diagnosed with a learning disability. I was anxious as to how he was going to cope academically and face the challenges in life.  My son will graduate and will be the valedictorian. I know all these are possible only because of your prayers and the grace of your Son, Jesus. I am very thankful for all the beautiful angels you and your Son, sent to help him overcome the challenges. From a timid boy with low self-esteem, he has grown to become a confident man. Most importantly, his faith grew especially in the last four years. He is now an active member in the Church. I know that it must be you, Mother, who have brought him to your Son. For never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, was left unaided. As he steps out into the real world, please continue to pray for him that he will never lose God as he traverses through life.

    Your Grateful Child.

  2. Dearest Mother Mary,

    I want to start this letter by thanking our Lord for blessing us with you as our Mother. I thank you for all the years you have been here for me as a loving Mother and interceding for me. I made wrong choices and took wrong steps in the past but I know that when I call out to you, you are there. Recently my daughter got some growths in her body and I prayed for your intercession that they were benign. She went through the surgery and thank God she is recovering well.

    Your Loving Daughter.

  3. Dearest Mother Mary,

    My family got a Covid scare as my brother suddenly developed symptoms 1 week after he went out. He was immediately put on self-isolation and eventually went for a swab test. My whole family was worried but with God’s grace, the test results were negative. I felt guilty because I took for granted being in Singapore during the pandemic as compared to other countries. It is definitely safer here. Thank you, Mother Mary, for always praying for our safety.

    Your Loving Daughter.

  4. Mother Mary, being a foreigner here, I was not given priority for the vaccine queue. But after half a year of waiting, I finally got my first dose of vaccine. I thank you for your intercession for always keeping me safe from all harm especially from Covid.

    Your Child.

  5. Dearest Mother Mary,

    I would like to thank you sincerely for answering our prayers. My colleague’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and was critically ill. When she was warded in ICU, our colleague had reached out to us to pray for his wife’s recovery. I kept her in my prayers and prayed to you for her recovery. You have answered our prayers. After 2 weeks in ICU, she was transferred to a normal ward and now she has been discharged from hospital and is resting at home. My colleague and I would like to thank you for your help and blessings.

    Your Catholic Son.

  6. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

    Thank you for blessing me with a freelance job in the area of my interest within 6 months of searching, after being laid off from my job of more than 10 years. I could not be more grateful to you for guiding me in meeting the right connections and landing this job.

    Your Loving & Grateful Daughter.

  7. Dearest Mother,

    Thank you for praying for me. I had another successful week at specialised therapeutics to save more lives. Thank you for a successful performance review. I also thank our Lord for granting me wisdom and knowledge.

    Your Son.

  8. Dearest Mother Mary,

    Thank you for being with us for the past 50 years of our marriage! You and your Son, Jesus, have never left us through all the good times and the difficult times that we have been through. Mother, we know you have been guiding and protecting us. We love you, Mother.

    Your Loving Son & Daughter.

  9. Dearest Mother,

    Thank you for all the blessings that you have bestowed on me. Thank you for helping me to cope with my dad’s issues. I pray that it will get smoother soon and that he will be on his way to recovery. Thank you for looking after my family members.

    Your Daughter.