Thanksgiving – 31 Aug 2019

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I want to thank you for the blessings that our family enjoyed over the years. I had a good education despite my father’s limited financial resources. Born a cradle Catholic, I have a wonderful career, a good Catholic wife and three wonderful children. Despite the success, I never paid attention to my faith. I am a typical ignorant church goer, shallow and ungrateful. After working for over 20 years, my wife and I decided to slow down: I began to work part-time while she quit her job to pursue her faith education. Yet, we found that you continue to provide support for our family. When my wife asked me to join her to come to Novena Church a few years ago, I was reluctant and always grumbled. But now, I look forward to coming to the Novena and the devotion to you and eager to spend my Saturday mornings with you. Thank you once again, Mother, for your intercession.

Your Grateful Son.


  1. Dearest Mother,

More than two weeks ago, I was scammed into making a large overseas bank transfer to a company. After realizing that our company had been cheated, I informed the bank and made a police report immediately. The bank told us that there had been several such cases and the chances of recovering the funds were very slim. Although I was totally demoralized, I put my trust in Jesus, your Son and my Lord, to send the money back to our company. During the Novena devotion that week, I came to your shrine and sought your intercession. My petition was answered quickly as the intermediary bank was able to stop the transaction before the funds could reach the scammer’s bank account. I know in my heart that this could only happen by divine intervention as the transaction took place on a Monday, the first business day of the week. Thank you, Mother, for your prayer and intercession.

Your Catholic Son.


  1. Dear Mother Mary,

Our grateful thanks for all the protection you have showered on us during last week’s trip to Hong Kong despite all the turmoil in the country. It was peaceful when we were there for the 4 days. One of the evenings, we were supposed to be in the troubled area but somehow, we shelved the trip not realising that there were demonstrations in that place. We were indeed blessed by your love and guidance throughout the trip. Words cannot express our gratefulness to you and our beloved Lord.

Your Loving Children.


  1. Dearest Mother,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life in last few days. I was just a few steps ahead of this partially renovated shopping centre when the roof collapsed in front of me. I ran for my life together with other people including young children. I could hear screaming from the other end. I thank Mother Mary for watching over and saving me.

Your Non-Catholic Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

My husband who is suffering from Parkinson’s was standing at the top of the stairs in our home. He felt dizzy and fell down 8 flights of steps. However, he only sustained a cut above his eye-brow and a few bruises. I know you were there to hold him and protect him from serious injury. You have answered my prayers to take care of him as his Parkinson’s is mild and under control after 9 years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your Catholic Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Today is my special day – my birthday. I have been staying in Singapore for forty years. You have been interceding for me all these years and asking your Son to take care of me. I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters who give me so much joy and all these years through trials and tribulations, you were always there for me. Thank you, Mother, you have always been our role model.

Your Faithful and Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother,

I stopped coming to Novena for a long time because of unhappiness with my husband who is a devout Catholic and cares a lot for his siblings and parents to the extent that he neglected the children and me. However, when my daughter was not given a position with her firm despite slogging till midnight daily, I came to your Shrine to ask you to pray for her. Her friend helped her to transfer to another department but chances were slim as she is not trained in that area. I prayed to you for a miracle and weeks later she was offered the transfer. I am so grateful to you, loving Mother. You have blessed me and my family many times but I have never written any thanksgiving to you. Today I want to let everyone know that as long as we don’t give up hope, our loving Mother is always with us.

Your Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I want to thank you with all my heart for your powerful intercession to Jesus. I came to you asking you to help me to find a job so that I could support my family. 2 weeks ago, I received a call from a company offering me a job. I am so happy and thankful that my prayer has been answered.

Your Grateful Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

My father was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer in November 2018 and has completed his chemotherapy in May this year. However, in June, the doctor found that his lung has cancer, too. My father and I were very upset and disappointed. I never stopped praying and asked you to intercede for him and my prayers were answered. The doctor arranged my father to have a further scan to determine how aggressive and what kind of treatment he would need. The result came back that the tumour has shrunk and he does not need to go for chemotherapy. He will be going for another check-up 6 weeks later to monitor the situation. I am so grateful to you during this difficult period and I thank our Lord Jesus, who has shown His mercy on my father. I will continue to pray for your intercession for my father to have a full recovery.

Your Ever-Grateful Daughter.