Petitions – 31 Aug 2019

  1. I pray for my child to be successful in her second attempt in her exams this year.


  1. My husband was recently retrenched from his job. I ask for your intercession that he will be employed soon. Please help us financially and guide us to make good decisions in this time of need especially as we are moving overseas for good.


  1. Mother Mary, please pray for the people in Hong Kong.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my son who will be sitting for his PSLE this year.


  1. My wife and I are going through a painful time of our lives. She has undergone a biopsy and we are waiting for the result to be out next week. Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Dear Mother, we are going through a period of uncertainty. We need a change to turn our business and life around. We ask the Lord for mercy and strength during this time. Grant us patience as we work towards new goals.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I lost my baby last June and I am still weeping. Please give me the strength and heal my pain.


  1. Mother Mary, my brother has a relapse of cancer that has spread to his lungs. I ask for your intercession to pray for him that his weak body will be able to take the cycles of chemotherapy.


  1. Please pray for my husband to return to God, be humble and repent on his sin of adultery. Please also give me the strength and patience to be a wise and loving wife and mother.