Thanksgiving – 10 Feb 2018

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

    My spouse and I are celebrating our 23 years of togetherness. There is no perfect marriage but our imperfection make it even perfect. Thank you, Lord Jesus, through the intercession of our Mother for being with us all these wonderful years and through life’s journey, in sickness or in health, for richer or for poorer till death do us apart. Dearest Mother, please continue to inspire us to look forward to a deeper relationship and to be a good example to our three wonderful children. Sooner or later, they will need to settle down on their own.

Your Grateful Daughter.



  1. 2. Dear Mother Mary,

    This is my first thanksgiving letter and a long overdue one. For the longest time, I had been an unworthy recipient of your unceasing intercession and of our Lord’s blessings which were often taken for granted. Not until recently when I was hospitalized 4 times in a short span of 3 weeks, twice sent to A & E by ambulances, that I began to realize that you have always been by my side looking after my wellbeing. Thank you for your constant intercession to our Lord Jesus who showed me his mercy especially when I was at the verge of facing death after being unconscious from profuse bleeding. Mother, without your intercession, I would not have been able to survive the ordeal and write this letter to thank you. Mother, I want to tell the whole world that if we pray to you and ask for your intercession, you will not let us down. We need to have the confidence in You. May we always turn to You and say, Mary Help Me. Thank you very much.

                                                                                            Your Catholic Son.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

    I would like to say thank you for your love and help for me and my family. We have been waiting for a long time to have another child. Finally, you gave us a miracle. After we came back from Lourdes, I got pregnant straight away. So, this baby is really a gift from you. My pregnancy wasn’t smooth. I had to be on bedrest for about 12 weeks. There was ups and downs in our family but you protected us and the unborn baby and it ended with a blessing. Our baby boy arrived in December, healthy and strong though he was quite small. And against all the odds, his development is one step ahead from the required standards. Even though he has colic and acid reflux, he is a perfect gift from you and your Son, Jesus Christ. Now, my 1st born finally has a sibling. It is all because of your intercession. No words can express how thankful and blessed I am to have 2 beautiful and perfect gifts from you.                                                                                            

                                                                           Your Loving Daughter.




  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help

    I thank you for interceding for me. I have prayed to have a way out of my current work situation. Yesterday I met with my potential new employer and he immediately offered me a job. I feel very much relieved now. I have since learnt from this episode to be humble and trusting in you and the Lord.

        Thank you loving Mother. I will be your faithful son. Amen.




  1. Dearest Mother,

    Thank you for answering my prayer. My son miraculously passed his exams with 11 points that will qualify him to do a Poly Foundation Course. We are very happy for him. He has never done that well in all his 4 years in at school. With his ADHD condition, you have taken care of him. Thank you so much Mother.

                                                               Your Loving Daughter.




  1. Dearest Mother Of Perpetual Help,

    Thank you for the constant and unconditional love you have showered upon me and for the guidance you have given me in the past, steadying me whenever things in school got rough. I have just completed my secondary school education and passed my GCE “O” Levels with flying colors. Thank you, Mother Mary, for hearing my prayers through the 9 days Rosary. I had prayed with my mum to grant me the strength, perseverance and faith in God to give my best and to do extremely well for my “O” levels. Thank you so much for always being there when my faith in your Son was weak, and guiding me back to Him with a stronger faith than ever before. Thank you for blessing me with a loving and supportive family and true friends whom I can count on to brighten my day. I continue to pray for peace and harmony in my family, for my friends and for myself. The strength to do well in my academics and most importantly, a strong and everlasting faith in God and in your Son, Jesus.

                                                                          Your loving Daughter.




  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

    First, I must apologise for this overdue thanksgiving letter. I am grateful to you for helping me find a job 3 weeks ago, although I will only start work after Chinese New Year as requested by my new employer. My previous contract work ended in Dec 2017 and I was not able to find a new job on time to allow me to continue my employment. As a result, I was out of job. I came to you frequently, asking you to help me to quickly find a new job as I have a family to feed and I was feeling stressful for being out of a job. During this time, I must admit that I was disappointed with you sometimes because I was desperate for a job. I somehow continued to have faith in you as I had experienced your help and blessings many times throughout my life. My prayer was finally answered and I know this could not have happened without your powerful intercession. Although this new job does not pay well, at least it gives me the opportunity to be back working and to have the income that I need to support my family. I’ll continue to pray to you, Mother Mary.

                                                                       Your Grateful Child.




  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

    This letter of thanksgiving is long overdue.  You have showered me and my family with so much loving care and protected us from many dangers and crises.  Among them was helping us survived the Asian financial crisis during the 1997 – 1998 period and helping me get a new job that I have till today. I have always prayed for protection for my children and you did not fail me. You protected my daughter during her overseas studies – from all harm and even survived a middle of the night burglary while she was sleeping without any physical harm or loss of her valuables. It was truly miraculous. Now you have even answered my prayer for her to get a good job and find a good holy spouse. Though she is dating a good man who loves her a lot, he is not yet a Catholic, I believe with your help and guidance, he will be one soon. With a grateful heart, I will continue to pray for your intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                                                Your Catholic Daughter.




  1. Dear Mother Mary,

    This year has been a good year so far, and I know it is all thanks to your intercession and your Son’s amazing grace. Last year in August, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I am 29 years old   and have a 6-month-old baby girl. It was devastating for my family and I know my husband took it the worst. I had lost my vision in my right eye and after 2 weeks of hospitalization, I had to undergo 2 months of treatment to remove the cancer. Doctors hoped it would ease the tension on my optic nerve and save my eyesight, but unfortunately it didn’t. When we first found out, we prayed to you and Jesus every night. This not only brought us closer to you and Jesus, but also to each other. I prayed to you for your strength too as was a new mother and away from my child. I am so grateful for your love and warmth surrounding me and my family throughout the ordeal. Fast forward to this year, I want to share that my cancer has been cleared. The PET scan showed no more activity and although my eye is not recovered, I am grateful to be given this second shot at life. Cancer is life threatening but vision loss is not. Also, I am thankful for a new job for my husband. He had been offered by other jobs before the cancer happened but somehow it didn’t seem to happen. We prayed for guidance as God seemed to open and close those doors. Only recently, he was approached again and this job seemed like it “landed” on his lap. The benefits are better than his current and he no longer needs to work weekends or travel overseas. It was a dream come true for our family. Ever since the cancer happened, our perspective of life has changed and we have been drawn closer to God and becoming more devoted to you. We thank you for your prayers, comfort and love, Mother. Thank you for being with us every step of our journey. We are excited to love our “New” lives and share about you and Jesus with everyone. Thank you.

                                                                          Your Loving Daughter.