Petitions – 10 Feb 2018

  1. Dearest Mother, I am feeling very troubled. I seem to be having problems in all areas of my life – work, business, home, family & personal   matters. I pray to you that you would help me remove all my pains, troubles, worries and sadness.

  1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray that my daughter will be able to find a life partner this year and settle down.

  1. Mother, please allow me to be reunited with my only daughter whom I have not seen for 10 years. Please let her be able to forgive me for abandoning her.

  1. Dear Mother, I pray that my daughter will be posted to the JC of her desired choice. Help her achieve success in her new school life. May she continues to work hard and stay motivated in her quest to fulfil her dreams of getting into a good  university.

  2. Dear Mother, it has been 10 years since my son left the church. I ask for your special intercession for him to return to the sacrament of reconciliation and to draw closer to your Son, our Lord Jesus.

  1. Mother, I have been searching for a job for almost 6 months and have not had a single response. I am applying for a job now which I am very passionate about. Please intercede for me to get the job.

  1. Please help my younger son to give up his addition to cough mixture.

  2. Dearest Mother Mary, we are struggling to make ends meet, and in the coming week, there will be more debts to pay. Please save us and send a miracle our way.

  3. Mother, my son has been verbally threatened and cyber-bullied in school. I implore your intercession to protect him from all harm, both in and out of school.

  4. Dear Mother, my wife is perpetually angry with me because I did not live up to some of her expectations. Please intercede for our relationship, that our marriage could return to a loving and supportive one.

  5. My father’s knee has been hurting for some time and has caused him difficulties in walking. Please help to ease his pain. I also pray that both my parents will join me one day in the Catholic church.