Petitions – 9 Feb 2019

  1. Mother, Kindly intercede for my family as we get together this Chinese New Year. Please grant us love, forgiveness and peace.


  1. I am now working in Hong Kong and somehow I feel that I have made a wrong career move that has distanced me from my family back home. Please, Mother, help me find a new job.


  1. Please pray for my youngest brother’s eyesight. He has been having trouble with his vision.


  1. I am going through a difficult period in my marriage. Help me to be strong for my children. Help me to find peace and to forgive so that I can weather this storm.


  1. My son has gender dysphoria. He has been undergoing counselling for 2 over years. Please guide him.


  1. My wife is going for a risky heart operation. Mother, please look after her during and after the operation so that she will recover well.


  1. Please guide me and my husband to have a smooth and safe delivery of our child in February. Teach us to be good role models and raise our child according to our Catholic Faith.


  1. Mother, I pray for reconciliation between my husband and my father that they would put aside past misunderstandings and differences and that my father would accept our invitation to come to our home for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner.