Petitions – 27 Apr 2019

  1. Please help my mother to have the best treatment for her leukemia. Please give her strength and heal her from this illness. Let her to be back in the arms of her loved ones.


  1. I pray that you help will help me find self-love, peace, forgiveness and mercy. Please help me to find balance in myself and a state of peace and love to do all things from my heart and the passion in my heart and not from the anger or thoughts in my mind.


  1. That God will shower His favor on my workplace and in my relationship with my co-workers.


  1. I pray for my sister who is going through a separation from her husband of 25 years. I pray that she will have peace of mind and put her trust in the Lord.


  1. None of my business ventures seem to be taking off. Please lead me to the right opportunities and lead me through every single step to success. Please take away all the obstacles and do not let me waste precious time with fruitless pursuits.


  1. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Please intercede and help us pray to your Son, Jesus, to heal her so that she can recover as soon as possible.


  1. My company is in financial difficulties and layoffs are expected. I pray that Mother, you will intercede to Your Son, Jesus, that the affected employees will find suitable jobs so they can continue to look after their families. I also pray that the company will be fair and responsible in executing the retrenchment policy. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


  1. I am feeling helpless and lost and sometimes I feel like giving up on life. I sincerely seek your intercession to strengthen my spirit and guide me to find the meaning and motivation to live.