Petitions – 24 Nov 2018

  1. Please protect my mum and give her good health.


  1. Dearest Mother, give me strength and faith during this difficult and uncertain time in my life.


  1. My daughter’s friend is due to give birth next week. Mother, be with her and grant her a safe delivery.


  1. Twenty years ago, my nephew was born with a heart problem. The current medical report shows that his health is weak. Mother Mary, please ask Jesus to bless my nephew with a safe and successful operation.


  1. Heavenly Mother, I am feeling very lost. I do not seek for material things. All I ask is to get an internship this summer so that I can get the experience when I step into the working world.


    1. Dear Mother Mary, I am waiting for my PSLE results and I pray that I would do well.


    1. I am at my wit’s end as my daughter has an eating disorder. I want to talk to her, but she pushes me away. Mother, please help her realise that she is loved and that there is a beautiful person in her.


    1. My boss is a difficult person to work for. We are all stressed at work. Please help me and my colleagues.