Petitions – 2 Feb 2019

  1. My daughter is due to deliver her first baby sometime in April or earlier, please intercede to your Son, our Lord Jesus, for her to have a safe and successful delivery.

  1. I am imploring your maternal aid as I have been coughing badly for the past 3 months. I have seen doctors and once I have completed the medications, the cough returns. This is also interrupting my sleep.

  1. Please help my 37 year old son to have the will power to refrain from taking sleeping pills.

  1. My husband has received a phone call from a company and requested him to submit his resume and to be followed by an interview. This is a very promising job and I pray that he will get the job opportunity through your intercession.

  1. Please intercede for my husband and my family for good health and to be free from all illnesses.

  1. I will be going for pilgrimage with a group of people in mid-February 2019. I pray that there will be no obstacle and I also pray for a safe journey for all of us.

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I pray that I will not argue with my mother anymore. Please help me to let go of the anger in me.

  1. Please help my friend who had an operation for breast cancer. She is now undergoing radiotherapy.

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I offer this petition up for my application to NUS. I really want to pursue the profession of a doctor and I pray that you will help me and intercede for me.

  1. I humbly ask for your intercession for us to find a suitable long term domestic helper who is patient, understanding and can get along with my elderly mother.