Petitions – 19 Oct 2019

  1. Mother Mary, I pray for your intercession that my son and daughter-in-law would be good parents to their newly born twins, and I pray that the twins would be healthy and wonderful persons when they grow up.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please guide me in my new job so that I may grow in my profession and leave a good impression on my new bosses.


  1. Mother, I have previously sent out many petitions but none of them seems to be answered, however, I will never give up. I humbly pray that you could find me a good, loving and responsible partner to journey in life.


  1. Dear Mother, please help me to be strong. I feel very lonely as I cannot go around on my own, and I have no one to talk to where I live. My son wants to help but he is tied down with his work. Please help me.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my son who will be taking his exams this month. He has some learning disability and low self-esteem, but he has been trying his best and has worked very hard. I pray that he will persevere and overcome his challenges.


  1. Dear Mother, please pray for my family will walk close to your Son Jesus, to rely totally upon Him, be led by Him and to acknowledge Him in everything we do.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, the baby I wrote to you in thanksgiving a few weeks ago when I found out I was pregnant, has left us. I have miscarried. I am still grateful for the 2 months of joy, this baby has brought us. I pray that you will receive into your hands our baby and our broken hearts. Please help us to heal quickly, dearest mother, physically and emotionally. Please help us to be brave and be with us through this very difficult time.


  1. Mother Mary, please guard me against temptation and falling into my old habit of pornography and unchaste thoughts and actions.


  1. Dearest Mother, I pray for peace and normalcy in Hong Kong. It has been many weeks of turmoil and disruption for the people in Hong Kong. I pray that the protesters and the Government will come to an agreement and understanding soon.


  1. I have been jobless for quite a while. I have been applying for jobs but to no avail. I am feeling very depressed. Please pray and intercede for me to be able to get a suitable job soon.