Petitions – 17 Oct 2020

1. Both of my sons are heavily on drugs and they have kids of their own. Please help my sons to give up on the drugs.

2. Create in me a pure heart and chaste body and soul so that I can serve the Lord as He desires. Bring healing to my wife and help my children do well at school, especially for my son who is applying for college.

3. I pray to you and ask for your intercession to let my wife recover fully from her recent miscarriage. Please let us both be ready to try again and be able to go through a safe and normal pregnancy this time round.

4. I come before you asking for your blessing for my life and family. As the sole breadwinner with huge financial demands, please pray for me to prosper in health, career and wealth.

5. Please help me to get a job. I have been unsuccessful in my job search since I was laid off in May.

6. Each day is getter harder. Please bring my sons back to church. Both of them feels that their prayers are not heard!

7. My heart is very heavy. My daughter’s boyfriend has decided to end their relationship. She is a quiet natured person and feels ignored, bullied and belittled by him. I don’t know how to console her after she poured out her fears, tears and pain.