Petitions – 16 Mar 2019

  1. Next week, I am going to have tests for a post graduate program. Please pray for me so that I can answer the tests well.


  1. Please pray for my dear colleague who has been in ICU for more than a week. She is still young, please help her to breathe on her own and recover.


  1. I pray that my financial burden will be eased. I have to secretly help my brother’s family and I am really tired and drained.


  1. Help me to fully recover from depression and anxiety. Help me to have a clear mind, heart and soul, so that I can sleep at night.


  1. We are longing for a child. Please intercede for us to be blessed with one. We believe that God will provide when the time is right. I am getting old and am beginning to worry.


  1. I sincerely pray that you will help and teach me how to guide my children back to Church. I have to keep asking them to go without any success. Please help them to see how much God loves them. I am very tired of my weekly fights with them over this.


  1. Dear Mother, I am unemployed for 2 years. My savings are running low and I have bills and debts to clear. Please pray and intercede for me to secure a job.


  1. Please help me to let go of all my negative thoughts and make peace with my situation and move on.


  1. Please bless my nephew with faith, discipline and wisdom. He has not been reporting to school and picked up some bad habits. Pray that he will grow up with the right values in life and not to give up his studies.


  1. I have decided to give up meat for Lent this year. This is the first time that I am doing it and I fear that I may give up halfway. Please pray for me that I will persevere and remember that it is for the greater glory of your Son that I may truly experience the Joy of the Resurrection at Easter.


  1. Please intercede for me to heal my insomnia and let me have my natural sleep back so that I can find job to support my family.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, as each day passes, continue to make me a stronger person with regards to my temper and to always keep it under control.