Petitions – 15 Feb 2020

  1. I am searching for a permanent job. I have an interview next week. Please guide and bless me to do well and get the job.


  1. Please help my daughter to return to the Church with her husband and 2 daughters.


  1. Please pray for our family to live a good life and protect us from all evil and harm.


  1. Please intercede to our Lord Jesus for my brother-in-law who is temperamental and for his 2 sons to persuade him to consult a psychologist to handle his anger management.


  1. Please pray for my son who is swaying to the wrong path.


  1. Please heal my father from his illness.


  1. My younger sister who is single. She has high blood pressure, lack of oxygen, lung infection and also a cyst in her kidney. Please pray and intercede to Lord Jesus Christ to bless her with good health and a speedy recovery.


  1. Please pray to your Son, Jesus, to stop the spread off the Coronavirus. Please also help the doctors, nurses and the scientists to find a vaccine to treat all the infected patients.