Petitions – 14 Apr 2018

  1. Dear Mother Mary, I implore you to help my daughter find her soul-mate. I also pray that the younger generation will realize that there has to be a lot of give and take in a relationship.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I pray that I am able to settle all my debts and will not need to take any more loans.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I miss my family so much and I do not want a divorce and to be going back to an empty and cold house. Please help me.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, my husband had a sudden pay cut. We do not know what to do next and his company demoted him. He is so heartbroken and upset. Mother Mary, please help him find a new job.


  1. Dearest Mother, my little one is going for an operation, please intercede for him to have a successful operation with no complications and a smooth recovery.


  1. Dearest Mother, I feel lost for everything that has happened since last August and my heart is not at peace. I am praying for God’s strength to carry on.


  1. Dear Mother, I pray that my daughter-in-law who is now close to being 22 weeks pregnant will have a successful and healthy pregnancy. I pray that the baby is growing healthily and normally.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, my mother-in-law will be going for an eye operation soon. Please guide the surgeon’s hands and revive her back to health. Give her the confidence she needs and give us the patience to deal with it.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, my god-daughter is going through depression. She is hurt, feeling unworthy and empty. She is very angry with God for not listening to her. She has slashed herself a few times. Her family and I feel so helpless. Please pray for her and ask Jesus to heal her.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for me that my ex-boyfriend will forgive me and talk to me again.


  1. Mother Mary, I am overwhelmed by the challenges and the dilemma that I am facing now. Please bless me with discernment and peace.


  1. Dear Mother, please help me find the strength and urge not to confront my husband on the things that he is secretly hiding from me. I hope he will come to his senses to know that our family and marriage are important.