Petition – 06 Jan 2018

1.  Dear Mother, I am distraught and desperate because my son’s marriage is on the brink of a divorce. Please extend your motherly intervention and intercede to save their marriage.


2.  Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for me to find a new job.


3.  Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray and intercede for my younger daughter’s boyfriend to get the full-time employment.


4.  Dear Mother Mary, please bless my son with good health, wisdom and to study well.


5.  Dearest Mother, please watch over our child and keep her safe, healthy and happy. Please help her stay focused and determined in her studies when school starts in 2018.


6.  Dear Mama Mary, please continue to protect my family from all danger and harm. Continue to guide my brother everyday and help him to recover completely from his addiction.


7.  Dearest Mother, I pray to have good grades in school, good health and peace of mind in the coming year.


8.  Dearest Mother, I passed my PSLE and have gone to the Express Stream to one of my favorite schools. Please intercede for me in my secondary school life to have good friends and teachers.


9.  Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my son’s girlfriend who is seeking for a job in London. Please guide her in her applications and interviews.


10.  Dearest Mother, my son is in the Navy and he strongly wishes to be posted to the vocation he wants. We pray that he gets it and has a smooth and safe training there.