Thanksgivings- 24 Mar 2018

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

Once again, I want to thank you for your endless love, prayers and constant intercession for my family. Without your constant watch and prayers for us, we will not be here today singing your praises. Thank you Mother, we are ever grateful to you and our Lord.

                                                                            Your Ever Grateful Family.

2.  Dearest Mother,

Thank you for praying to our Lord Jesus for all our answered prayers. Thank you for my nephew and niece who had good results in their ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your Son, our Lord Jesus. I also thank you for the blessings bestowed upon my daughter. She has a new job now. Please continue to guide her in her daily life.

                                                                                           Your Loving Child.

  1. Dearest Loving Mother,

In February, I knocked down a lady due to my negligence. I thank you for protecting her as she did not suffer any internal injury. She suffered external injuries to her head and a fractured leg. I plead to you for your intercession to grant her a full recovery. I also thank you for giving me the grace to move on in life despite this trauma.

                                                                          Your Loving Daughter.

  1. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for blessing me with not one but two job offers. I have been taking a break from my banking career which has been very stressful and challenging for the last 2 to 3 years. I have been praying for a career change for the past 9 months and today I received a call from a potential employer with 2 job offers, which I am equally qualified and have a very keen interest in. I have been coming to the Novena devotion for the past 4 weeks and I am so happy and thankful for the job offers. I pray that you will continue to intercede for me, for God’s wisdom to make the right choice between the 2 offers and how I can be the salt and light at the new work place.

                                                                                                               Your Grateful Daughter.

  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for praying for my son. His blood test result was favorable and I am very relieved that my son is free from any illness. This would not have happened without the Lord’s blessing. Mother, continue to pray for my son’s health and guide him in his studies.

                                                                                     Your Daughter.

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am writing this overdue thanksgiving letter to say how much you have interceded and helped my family. 4 years ago, my family had reached a very low point when I discovered that my husband was having an affair for 4 years. I was lost and was prepared for the worst. I turned to you immediately and prayed for the strength to face this ordeal. I simply left everything into your hands on what our future may turn out to be. Since then, I am happy to say that you have brought my husband back to us and we have learnt to forgive and move on. We continue to place our trust in you, thanking you for your love and guidance for our family. I can never thank you enough and I know that you are always there watching over us.

                                                                         Your Loving Daughter.

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for your helping hand. Since my husband was estranged from the family, you have been giving me good companions and support. You have answered my petition. Although my husband has not returned and is pushing for a divorce, I believe that you, loving Mother, will take care of everything. Please look after my sons, strengthen their faith, love and hope. I am still lifting up my family, my marriage and life into your hands. Please help my husband to get out from the darkness.

                                                                     Your Grateful Daughter


8. Dearest Mother,

    Thank you very much for interceding with our Lord Jesus Christ     to watch over my daughter-in-law during her child birth in Although she had to go through a rather difficult    delivery, both mother and baby are safe. Thank you once again  for the safe delivery. Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks to you and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                            Your Ever Grateful Daughter.

  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for interceding to Lord Jesus for my aunt. She has breast cancer and the cancer has not spread to her bones.  She is taking oral chemo now and I hope it can help her overcome the cancer.

                                                                     Your Beloved Daughter.