Thanksgiving – 9 May 2020

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

This is my very first letter to you. Although I thank you in my prayers every day, I felt that somehow, I wasn’t doing justice if I don’t start to pen down my thanksgiving to share with many others the many good things your Son has done for me through your most powerful intercession. Mother, I went for another knee surgery in March this year. My family and friends were very worried about how I was going to cope with my meals and every day activities since I live alone.  With this trying period of Covid19, they were especially worried for me. However, I had assured them that “God provides”. And indeed, God has given me many friends and family who brought me meals and helped to get groceries for me. They also constantly call or message me to check that I am doing ok. And when the circuit breaker rules came into play which restricted my friends and family from coming over, my neighbour, who lives two floors above me, has been bringing down dinner for me every day. Although I can’t walk properly at the moment, because of this Covid19 period, I get to attend online mass every day. Thank you, Mother. To some people this may seem like a very small matter but to me I could feel you looking after me every day. I am recovering slowly but surely. And I know all these would not have been possible without your intercessions. I love you very much Mom.”

Your loving child.


  1. Dear Mother Mary,

About a month ago, I wrote a petition to you just before my daughter’s wedding. I was so worried about the event that I lost sleep and appetite, but you helped me through the wedding mass and the lunch banquet. Most importantly, you had ensured that no new cluster of COVID 19 arose from the gathering. I want to thank you most sincerely for your help. As Singapore struggles with the drastic increase in the number of COVID 19 cases, please pray for the frontline staff, safe distancing ambassadors and all who are afflicted. Please pray that world leaders make the right decisions during this difficult time. Please keep Pope Francis and the church in your prayers.

Your loving Catholic daughter.


  1. Dearest Mary Mother of God,

I am very sorry for this long overdue Thanksgiving letter. Getting know you and your Son Lord Jesus fifty years ago I have received many blessings, comfort and healing. I am grateful and thankful as whenever I turn to you for help. I can feel your comfort and assurance, and I know I am not alone. This year is supposed to be a big celebration for me and my family, as it is my 50th year of baptism while my son completes his 8 years formation to the vocation of priesthood. But due to Covid-19 situation everything is uncertain. Dear Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, as usual we trust that both of you have a better plan and better time for this big celebration. Please continue to help us in our prayers and help us to stay faithful to both of you forever. Thank you, Lord, Jesus n Mother Mary.

Your grateful child.