Thanksgiving – 8 October 2022

1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am writing this thanksgiving letter with a heart full of thanks and gratitude for helping me through this most difficult period of my life. Covid19 pandemic hit my business hard in 2020 and I struggled as my business bled. My company’s bank facilities were cancelled and I went for months without any cash flow for my business. I dried out my family’s savings and have not paid myself for 12 months to try to keep the business afloat while I looked for another bank to help me. I attended Novena either at Novena church or online, visited your shrine and wrote many letters of petition but somehow, things took longer than expected. There seemed to be many obstacles blocking my path. On Sept 15, feeling uneasy and anxious – I came to the prayer garden to pray before I went to my office and on Sept 15th itself, my new bank facilities were opened and our loans funded. My troubles are not over yet as it is a long road to recovery for my business but I know that with my steadfast faith in Jesus and in your kind help, prayers and intercession, I will overcome whatever obstacles that are ahead on this narrow path that I walk down in the days to come. I thank you for your most merciful kind help, prayers and intercession.

Your Catholic Son.

2. Dearest Mother,

You have shown so much love for my friend, although he is not a catholic. Through your loving intercession, he has bounced back from the edge of hopelessness & death. He is now responding through smiles. He can move his hands & hear & see as well. Even the doctors who wrote him off as a dying patient cannot explain his remarkable recovery. Thank you, Dearest Mother.

Your Grateful Daughter.

3. Thank you, dear Mother, this is a long overdue letter. My elder son is 13 years old this year and I thank you for giving him to me. He is such a loving boy. I had a few miscarriages after my 1st born and I always turned to you for solace. 9 years later, I was blessed with my second son. He is the life of our home. A few months back, he was diagnosed with autism. Our family was in shock and we were at a loss. Having so much to struggle in preschool, we sent him to Early Intervention classes which by God’s grace had fantastic teachers. Nevertheless, we continued our prayers, seeking your intercession. As time passed, we could see so much improvement in his speech and everything. We hope to bring him to your Novena one day and give thanks for giving him to us. Even with all these hurdles in life, I thank you Mother for always comforting me and keeping my family together. I love you always. With a heart full of love and thanks.

Your Catholic Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you so much for your constant blessings and care for my aged parents, granting them good health and a harmonious life. I have no one to turn to for comfort and you are the only one whom I can relate my worries and anxieties to whenever I need help. A few years back I sought your blessings and healing for a smooth surgery and recovery for my mum’s breast cancer. Thank you for your intercession to Jesus Christ, your Son.

Your Non-Catholic Daughter.

5. Dearest Blessed Mother,

Thank you for your intercession for my son who got a good job. He also went a CT Scan and a biopsy test of his nose and results revealed that he is free from suspected cancer. Thank You, Mother, for being with him in his life journey.

Your Grateful Daughter.

6. Thank You Mother for being with me throughout my cancer treatment in 2020. Through your prayers and intercession to Jesus, I have had a speedy recovery. Now I am healthy and free from cancer. Once again, thank you Mother, for being with me through my illness.

Your Daughter.

7. Dear Mother,

Thank you for guiding me throughout this year and giving me the courage to persevere despite the many setbacks I encountered in the earlier months of this year. With your intercession I was able to trust in myself with confidence during the lonely difficult journey. I know that you were at my side in my setbacks. I am grateful that I can always turn to you when I am facing troubles. You never failed me, Mother. Thank You.

Your Loving Child.