Thanksgiving – 7 May 2022

1. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for always watching over us all these years. My husband was an atheist when we married but he agreed and supported our children all the way to be Catholics in the Church. Recently, he has been requesting us to ask for your intercession in many matters and also to thank you for blessings received. He got a new job recently but it was not how he had hoped it to be and he faced some pressure. However, he found another window of opportunity and he is happily pursuing that and continued to express his appreciation to you – Mother Mary. I know, you have touched his heart. Thank you so much and I ask for your continued intercession to turn my husband’s heart that he will come to believe in God and in the Catholic faith.

Your Grateful Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I am here once again to express my gratitude for my answered prayers. My husband has been urged by a friend to have a CT scan on his lungs (due to strong family history of lung cancer). I truly believe that he is an angel sent by God. Never would we have expected that 2 very small nodules were detected through the scan. A surgery was immediately scheduled the following day to have them removed as there was the possibility that they may turn cancerous one day. He even recommended one of the top lung surgeons who performed a very successful surgery and has now recovered. Again, I am witnessing our Lord’s divine mercy on my loved ones. I do not deserve any of this, but the love and kindness shown by our Mother and our Lord has always been bountiful beyond what we know. Always trust in God! Thank you Lord and Mother Mary.

Your Catholic Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

My sister-in-law took the first step many months ago to be a Catholic this Easter, she will be one of the many who will be baptized. We want to truly give thanks and praise to God for stirring in her heart and allowing her to take that first step. It wasn’t easy for her but thank you dearest Mother for being with her all the way. May she continue to have this desire to love you, Mother, and our Lord Jesus.

Your Loving Child.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour,

I want to thank you for your intercession. My daughter was able to deliver my grandson in spite of complications. I know it is through your intercession that she had a safe and smooth delivery. Thank you, God for blessing us with this cute and wonderful boy who we will take our utmost care to love. Once again, my sincerest gratitude for your wonderful gift.

Your Loving Son.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I wrote to you 2 months ago on the many issues and problems I was having in my life. Today, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and intercession for me as the problems are being slowly resolved one by one. Thank you, Mother.

Your Grateful Son.

6. Thank you, dear Mother of Perpetual Help for interceding to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our dear sister is well and awake after a long 9-hour breast removal and reconstructive surgery. Her team of doctors said she was strong and has a positive mind set. Our sister was calm and at peace throughout the entire procedure and she told us that our Lord was with her. The surgeons said the surgery went well. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Children.

7. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for your intercession to your Son, Jesus. He has blessed my efforts, guided my path and provided me with bountiful opportunities. Thank you for your Son, Jesus, and your company in this long journey to find a new job. One that would enable me to pursue the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and learn to love better in a family. I am forever grateful for you Mother Mary and your Son, Jesus. I know that you are my Mother, always- and you are always by my side. Thank you for your prayers and intercession.  

Your Child.

8. Mother of Perpetual Help,

My husband had been unemployed for 3 years and was going into depression. Since the beginning of the Lenten season, I came to pray for my non-Catholic husband. On one of my visits to the Prayer Garden, my husband decided to follow me and I encouraged him to ask for your intercession. Thank you, Mother, you did not let me down. Within the 1st week, my husband had 2 job interviews. Two weeks later, he started his job in a totally new field. Now he is happy and he has faithfully accompanied me every week to the Garden. My two children learnt of your intercession and they too decided to join us in the Garden to pray. I really can’t thank you enough, Mother, for always holding on to my hands.

Your Grateful Daughter.