Thanksgiving – 7 Dec 2019

  1. Dearest Heavenly Mother,

Thank you for healing my depression without the help of any psychiatrists or medication. Earlier this year, I forced myself to leave a job that I like because my boss was abusive and he successfully managed to cover up his acts. Even though my colleagues knew of my situation, none of them spoke up. I felt oppressed and eventually became depressed to the extent that I was suicidal. There was too much pain and resentment in my heart. One day I walked past the grotto and I heard a lady’s voice calling me twice. I turned around and saw a statue of you. There was no one else. I was led into the main church where I found the rosary group praying. Somehow the leader seemed to know and she stood up and invited me over. From then, I have been praying the rosary daily.

Every time I feel depressed, I prayed even more and was able to calm myself down. Through the Marian devotion and having you as my role model, I was able to expand my heart and look at men’s imperfection with love and compassion.  I am also always reminded of how God loves and accept me even though I am imperfect. It is through your graces that all of these allowed me to let go of my resentment and feel at peace.

Thank you, Mother for your graces and I continue to seek more of your intercession so that I will be healed continually and eventually return to the job that I left and love under another boss. In return please accept my humble rosary prayers to you every night and my utmost sincere devotions.

Your Catholic Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

About 1 year ago, I came to your Shrine with a petition and prayers for my godson. He was born 20 minutes without a heartbeat. Doctors told us to prepare for the worst, but we prayed to you to intercede for us. Now after 1 year, my godson is a normal and active boy. He is a walking miracle and a reminder of your love for us. We thank you for your intercession.

Your Catholic Son.


  1. Mother Dearest,

You have always been there listening and praying for us. After many years of hardships our situation has improved and we have been enjoying the blessings God has given us. All these would not be possible without your guidance and prayers. Thank you, Mother.

Your Grateful Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I have been struggling with hurt and anger for many weeks and had felt betrayed and abandoned by some very close friends. I have come to you crying for help and asked for prayers that I will not lose my focus on Jesus your Son Our Lord. The Lord heard and He constantly assured me of His love, care and protection through the many people I encountered daily. He also directed me clearly in a homily how to manage this hurt and anger which I am feeling. I know dearest Mother it was your prayers and intercession that has brought this healing from God and I pray for continued healing and reconciliation with my friends. Thank you, dearest Mother.

Your Grateful Daughter


  1. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for your guidance and blessings throughout my life through your intercessions. This is the first time I am writing a Thanksgiving letter to you.

I am a foreign worker working in Singapore since 2008. I am experiencing your constant care and blessings every day.

Thank you, Mother for looking after my family. Last month I received a call from my sister-in-law and she said my brother cannot continue with his current job due to his company crisis. He will be jobless from next month onwards.

Suddenly I replied ‘you don’t worry, keep praying, there will be a way to come out with this issue’. Next day I came to Novena and put my petition in your hands.

Last week after 2 months, I received a call from my brother and he told me he got a job with same salary. Dear Mother, I completely believe that you have answered my prayer. Thank you, Mother for your unconditional love toward us. Please continue to protect me and my family.

Your Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for interceding and for answering my prayers. I transitioned my son from an international school system to a local primary school. I prayed for a catholic school and applied to one. My son passed the assessments and secured a place in the catholic school. It is such a miracle everything happened so quickly. Thank you so much Jesus & my dearest Mother Mary.

Your Child.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for interceding for us and answering our prayers by sending us someone to help us when our catholic friend and financier passed away suddenly.

We were caught in default by a contractual deal that would have blacklisted us and likely been sued for breach of contract due to lack of funds to complete our contractual obligation.  Mother Mary, you came through for us and your Son Jesus performed a miracle when someone we had not met before came forward to provide the needed funding and solution to our problems without any contractual obligation to do so.

He is a Catholic. We felt and knew the Holy Spirit inspired him to delay his travels, make an effort to meet us and delivered the good news that prevented us from losing the contract, being sued and most of all, provided the confidence to our partners and customers that we will be able to deliver on our contractual obligation and thereafter; even opening up new and much greater opportunities for us!. Mother, no words can describe how relieved we felt after you have prayed for us and God answered our desperate pleas. Thank you, Mother for always delivering on your promise and care towards your children.

Your loving Catholic Son and soon-to-be Catholic Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I attended the Novena service for the first time last week. It was a beautiful service. The devotion was palpable. It was so wonderful to see so many people honoring you dear Mother. A couple of days later, I noticed that I no longer have irregular heartbeats and chest tightness which I have been suffering from a long time. Thank you so much Mother Mary for interceding and praying for me. You are a wonderful Mother.

Your Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you very much for your prayers and help in our 51 years of marriage. Please continue to guide us to love tenderly and walk humbly with Jesus your Son our God.

Your Children.


  1. Tears ball up in my eyes whenever we raise our voices to sing, especially ‘As I Kneel Before You’. I cannot even begin to put into words about how grateful I am to you and how guilty I feel whenever I let you and our Lord down with my behavior. Mother I want to thank you with all of my heart and also thank you on behalf of all whom you have interceded for. Let us always remember the power of our faith. Moments of crisis are also potential moments of faith!

Your Ever-Grateful Son.