Thanksgiving – 6 November 2021

1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I want to thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon my family all these years. We are grateful that my parents were able to obtain citizenship and that we are able to continue to stay together in Singapore as a family. I also thank the Lord, for the peaceful respose of my dearest grandmother. She lived a life worthy of your grace and was called up to your heavenly abode and I thank you for her peaceful repose.

Your grateful child.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I thank you for always bringing me close to Jesus and reminding me of His awesome love for me. Thank you for always stirring me to make an effort to know more about Him every day and to live a life pleasing to God. Please continue to guide me and protect my family in everything.

Your loving daughter.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

I like to thank you for helping me secure a job interview and to perform my best at the interview this week. I know the journey ahead is still long but with your help, I can make it.

Your grateful son.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I asked for your intercession for my friend a couple of weeks ago regarding her health. I received news today that after her operation, she need not have to go for chemotherapy. Thank you, Mother for praying for me.

Your grateful Catholic daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

Today was my son’s final PSLE paper. I am thankful and grateful for the protection and guidance you have given. He managed to complete all his papers. He also managed to get a DSA to Deyi Secondary. All this has happened because of your prayers, Mother. Thank you for everything. I love you, dearest Mother.

Your Non-Catholic daughter.