Thanksgiving – 6 August 2022

1. Thank you, Mother Mary for interceding in all my prayers to Jesus and God. My husband was hospitalised for Gall Bladder infection and through your prayers and intercession his surgery was successfully done. He was discharged 2 days later. I know we managed to go through all this with your help. Thank you so much, my loving Mother for watching over my family.

Your Faithful Daughter.

2. Dear Mother Mary,

Last Month, my mother had a stroke. Thankfully, we recognised the first symptoms of a stroke victim: slurred speech and weakness in the limbs and we sent her straight to A&E. She lost her mobility that night. Thankfully, with your protection and intercession, she made a fast recovery and is now discharged. She was also able to regain her movement slowly and surely. My mother is not a Catholic and through this stroke, I was able to share with her about your loving intercession and also shared with her how to say the Hail Mary. I thank you for your loving intercession and for bringing our prayers to your son, Jesus. Thank you for your love for us.

Your Loving Catholic Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

I thank you for your intercession for my dearest sister. My sister’s visa extension to stay in Singapore was successful. She is currently undergoing medical treatment in Singapore for brain cancer. I applied for her extension about a week before the expiry of her visa under my PR sponsorship but was rejected as I was unable to provide proof of her birth certificate. My family and I were anxious as it was getting closer to the expiry date. I resubmitted her application without my sponsorship the day before the expiry and decided to go down to ICA early the next morning. I heard my father pray out loud the night before. When I was at ICA, my father texted me and I was truly amazed that he managed to obtain a copy of our birth certs from his lawyer, to whom he had submitted a copy of our birth certs 10 years ago. My sister’s visa extension was approved on the spot and she did not even have to be present after my explanation to the officers. I cannot imagine without the extension, we would have to exit Singapore and return again, which would really be inconvenient for my sister. I believe that this is truly a miracle and it could not have happened without your intercession. Thank you, dearest Mother, and I trust that you will continue to intercede for my dearest sister to have the strength, perseverance, faith and endurance to undergo her treatment successfully.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Thank you, Our Mother of Perpetual Help for interceding with Our Lord Jesus to grant my sister a permanent lodging at a Home for the Aged. She has been staying in a hotel for almost 4 months when she was offered a 2 weeks’ trial stay at the Home. I was very worried during her 2 weeks’ trial stay because if she failed the trial stay, she would have to leave the Home and seek lodging elsewhere. My sister was homeless after being discharged from Institute for Mental Health. She was not allowed to return to her own home for fear she might cause trouble for my aged mum again who is in poor health and has dementia. No siblings were willing to take her in and she was also unable to rent a room due to her old age and being unemployed. I was overwhelmed yesterday when my sister told me she could continue staying there. Thank you, Mother for your intercession that my sister can find a place to recuperate and have a roof over her head.

Your Forever Grateful Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

I wrote a petition for my family in May. I was helpless and clueless then but through your intercession, help came in various ways. We are still in the midst of settling all the issues but things have gotten better through the help rendered. I’m grateful to you for answering my prayer.

Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to God for the abundance of graces showered upon us. Without the intercession from you, Mother, and St Gerard the wonderful gift of a child would not have been possible. We look forward to welcoming God’s gift in March. Thank you once again.

Yours truly, Children.

7. Dearest Mother Mary of Perpetual Help,

I will be celebrating my 50th birthday this Saturday. Thank you, Mother Mary and your son, Jesus for looking after me with countless blessings during the last 50 years. My childhood years were very simple as my parents were not rich. But you looked after and provided the basic needs for my parents, two older sisters and myself. I started attending Sunday Masses with my dad when I was about 5 years old. My mother, two older sisters and I were baptised in 1979. At a very young age and till now, I always turned to you whenever I faced difficulties and you have never failed me. You blessed me with loving parents, a good education, a stable job, a lovely wife and four wonderful daughters. Whatever I have now, I believe it is through your love that you and your son, Jesus, have provided. Thank you, Mother Mary for your unceasing love.

Your Catholic Son.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for watching over my mum throughout her 11 cycles of chemotherapy. It has not been an easy journey given her poor appetite but you have kept her healthy enough the past weeks to be able to have her chemotherapy weekly. She was admitted to hospital recently due to poor nutrition and you have blessed her with kind nurses and doctors who have nursed her back to health. You have also helped to protect her health and contained the cancer such that there is no spreading to the brain. Also, the calcification detected previously has not grown. Thank you, Mother Mary from the bottom of my heart. I know it was with your intercession that you have kept the spreading to a minimum despite it having been several years. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I love you Mother Mary, thank you once again.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter.