Thanksgiving – 4 Nov 2017

  1. Dearest Mother Mary,

    I want to thank you Mother, for what you have done for my mother. She had some problem in her ear whenever she had to fly in an aeroplane. Last week, my mother came to visit me from Indonesia and I was worried about her problem and I prayed that her trip would be smooth. When I met her at the airport, I saw her face filled with joy and there was no pain or feeling uncomfortable in her ear. Thank you Mother, Mary, for being with my mother.

    Your Daughter.

  2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

    My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your faithful prayers and intercession to your Son, our Lord Jesus. It has been a long 8 years that our youngest son was estranged from the family after some misunderstanding with his siblings and us. He had stopped coming for family gatherings, like Chinese New Year, Christmas, our birthdays, his sister’s wedding and grandmother’s birthday etc. However since December last year, he moved back into the home. The family continues to give him support and love despite his unforgiving heart. Through your intercession Mother, my son finally agreed to join the family for my husband’s birthday 2 weeks ago. We were both ecstatic and very happy. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a perfect 10. We see the siblings chatting normally as if the years of silence between them never happened. It was the best birthday dinner we have had in 8 years . And as I write this thank you letter, tears of joy keep flowing down my cheeks. Thank you Mother, we know you are always with us, praying for us.

    Your Loving Children.

  3. Dearest Mother,

    My heartfelt thanks for interceding for me to your Son, Jesus, for a miraculous and speedy recovery of the distortion on the left side of my face caused by a virus infection. I came to your shrine two weeks ago and prayed to you. You led me to a good doctor and with the healing hands of Jesus, helped me to have a miraculous cure and now I am completely healed.

    Your Grateful Daughter.

  4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

    I am a single parent but you helped me bring up two good sons who are not only well educated but have responsible positions in reputable companies drawing good salaries.

    Thank you, Mother Mary, and Jesus. When I visited you in Lourdes 20 years ago, my sons were still in school and life was a struggle. I had frequent hospital admissions and had no time for my two children. It’s through your intercession that they did not go astray. Without you and Jesus in our lives, we would not have overcome our difficulties.

    Your Loving Child.

  5. Dearest Mother Mary,

    Three months ago, I came to you for help to save my daughter from going to jail. I wrote a petition and prayed to you constantly for your intercession to bless the prosecutors to exercise leniency and compassion. Last week, I received the good news that the prosecutors had decided not to proceed with the charges against my daughter. Mother, dearest, you have answered my prayers in the most wonderful way. This is a testimony that anyone who comes to you and implores your help is never left unaided. I am very grateful to you Mother, for giving my family and I peace of mind. I thank you for answering my prayers.

    Your Faithful Son.

  6. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

    This is a thanksgiving letter that should have been penned a long time ago but I have been procastinating till now. Thank you for the countless blessings you have showered on my family and me and for the numerous intercessions all these years.

    In December last year, my wife and I, together with our families, went through a rough patch when my mum had to be admitted for a surgery which she strongly refused. It had to be done to remove a tumor that was suspected to be cancerous. Eventually, she agreed and even coped well with her stay in hospital. The test results came back that the tumor was not cancerous.

    My mother in-law was also rushed to hospital due to chest pains and was informed that most of her arteries were blocked and was in need of immediate surgery. Through your powerful intercession and the mercy of God, the hands of the surgeons were guided by the Lord and her bypass was a success.

    Thank you once again Mother, for your continuous intercessions to your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Your Catholic Son.

  7. Dearest Mother,

    Please accept my thanksgiving letter which is long overdue. With a grateful heart, I thank you, dearest Mother Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ for my present job. I was a staunch Taoist till 2014 and became a Catholic in 2015 at the age of 63. My conversion came about when I was accompanying my wife on a pilgrimage tour to the Holy Land in November 2013. I was touched by the Lord during prayers in Elijah’s cave and on last day of the trip. I even received a message, ie, the 1st commandment – “I am the Lord, your God.”

    I lost my job 1 month before my baptism in 2015. I thought this was my retribution for changing my religion. But I was wrong. Truly the Lord had it all planned for me. He gave me a 1 year of unemployment for me to get to know Him and to grow in my new Catholic Faith. In March 2016, when I did my usual daily Rosary prayer in front of my altar at home, I suddenly remembered to sing “Ave, Ave, Ave Maria” twice at end of each decade. I did not know why I said out, “Mother, is time for me to go back to work? If so, please grant me a job offer.”

    To my surprise, I got a text message 2 hours later from an old friend, saying his company had a vacancy for an Operations Manager and whether I would be interested? I got the job and I am still working with this company.

    Thank you Mother for your intercession and praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for answering my prayer.

    Your Grateful and Loving Son.