Thanksgiving – 4 February 2023

1.Dear Mother Mary,

My niece had a liver failure at the age of 15 due to the complication of the antibiotics she took for flu. We prayed for your intercession for a donor to come to help her. After a few days of waiting, she got a liver transplant. She is adapting well with the new liver. Words alone cannot express our thanks for your intercession.

Your Loving Daughter. 

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

A month ago we prayed to you to help our eldest son in Melbourne to be successful in his job application. We’re so pleased to learn from him that he has been offered a very good job in a community care organisation. We’re very thankful to you dearest Mother Mary, for your intercession for helping our son get the job. Thank you very, very much.

Your Grateful Son and Daughter.

3. Dear loving Mother,

Thank you so much for your countless intercession for my nephew for passing his “O” Level exams and also for getting a place into the local poly to pursue the course of his choice. I pray for your help to guide him to pay attention and give priority to his studies over earthly pleasures, and to cope with the pressure. Lead him to be a good disciple of Jesus.

Your Ever-Grateful Daughter.

4. Dear Mother Mary,

I wrote a petition last year to ask for a return assignment back to where my family home is after a 2-year break because of the COVID pandemic during which I was posted away from my family. This was a very difficult time because my daughters have special needs. My wife was left alone managing my daughters. Thank you so much for having accorded me this request. My work is now based back in my family home as of August 2022. My family have been safe from COVID and my work has proceeded successfully.

Your Loving Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

In the last 10 years our family went through many difficult and challenging moments, physically, mentally and financially. Especially during the times when we were trying to sell our semi-detached house to lessen our financial burdens. Though in the end after the sale we were left with nothing, we saw how God has blessed us with a group of dear daughters of God who are there to support and pray with us through your most powerful intercession. We still have debts but we are seeing rainbows in our lives – the promises of God. Thank you, dearest Mother for loving us though we are so unworthy.

Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother,

I wrote to you to pray and bless my cousin’s operation as he met with a car accident. Thank you for answering our prayers. His surgery was successful despite doctor mentioning a 20% success rate. I know you must have been accompanying him throughout the operation.

Your Dearest Daughter.

7. Dear Mother Mary,

I am at your shrine almost every Saturday for the past 12 years except for those weekends when I am back in the Philippines. I have testified to the many miracles and the comfort you bring to us your children. Last weekend was quite special to me as I knelt before you and asked for your intercession to be with me during a major surgery. I am now back at home after 4 days in the hospital. Once again, you’ve touched me with your Motherly care and your Son, Jesus was indeed with me during the surgery to calm my heart and tell me to Be Still. Mother Mary, I am and will forever be a living testament of how vast your love is to all your children and how powerful prayers can be, as long as we Trust in your Son, Jesus. Thank you once again Mama Mary.  

Your Faithful Daughter.