Thanksgiving – 30 October 2021

1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude. Through your prayers and intercession, God has blessed us with two newly born grandsons. Even though they were born prematurely, they are doing very well now. Thank you, dear Mother, for this blessing we received from God through your intercession.

Your grateful child.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

My apologies for this long overdue thanksgiving letter. Four years ago, I was going through a rough period in my life where I had to report to the police station and the State Courts. I prayed to you, dear Mother, and the whole episode finally ended with a very favourable outcome. I knew all this wouldn’t have been possible if not for your intercession, dear Mother. Thank you once again.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for always interceding for my mother and grandmother back in the Philippines. Through your prayers, God has blessed them with good health, especially during this time of the pandemic. Thank you so much, too, dear Mother, for helping me and praying for me as I minister to the sick through my work here in Singapore as a nurse. Thank you again for everything, dear Mother.

Your grateful daughter.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

After a long wait, I was finally informed that I will be promoted at work. This wouldn’t have been possible without your powerful intercession to your Son, Jesus. I am also very grateful for the weekly novena devotion and rosary as they have helped me greatly in my spiritual growth. Thank You Mother.

Your grateful Catholic daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

I was in shock and utter disbelief when I tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-September. I had been extremely cautious and ensured that I had taken all the necessary precautions whenever I stepped out of my house. Life at home became chaotic and miserable. I was asked to recover from home as the hospitals were overcrowded. The symptoms became more and more intense with each passing day, and while going through all that discomfort and agony, I thought that I would die. I was also very worried about the possibility of my loved ones getting infected by me. Thankfully, you came to my rescue when I cried out to you. Miraculously, I sensed your presence and felt comforted as I felt I was not alone anymore. I truly believe that it was through your intercession that I got healed. I felt God’s embrace upon me. I gradually recovered and was tested negative on day 10. Thank you, Mother, for watching over and praying for all my loved ones who were in close contact with me. It is a miracle that all of them, including my husband, tested negative daily for the entire period of our quarantine. Thank you once again, dear Mother, for your unceasing love, prayers, and intercession.

Your Catholic daughter.

6. Dearest Mother,

You have always interceded for me through my ups and downs in life since the day I knew you way back in 1967. Many unexplained endings and miraculous outcomes were only possible because of your powerful intercession. Mother dearest, please continue to intercede for my family and extended family.

Your grateful daughter.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

My brother has returned home from his Covid-19 quarantine. His wife and the other members of his family are safe and well. We are very grateful for your intercession to our Lord for protecting and watching over us during these difficult times.

Your daughter.

8. Dear Mother Mary,

I am writing this letter of thanks to convey my utmost gratitude for your maternal love and care, and also for your unceasing prayers and intercession for my late sister with Down Syndrome. Three months before she passed away, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. She only started to feel pain and discomfort a few days before her death. Before she died, she suffered from shortness of breath for two hours. After which, she passed on peacefully. Reflecting on my journey with my late sister through her illness, despite my sadness, I want to thank the Lord for giving her the strength and the grace to endure her sickness with minimal discomfort. I am confident that this was due to your prayers for my late sister. Thank you, dear Mother!

Your grateful daughter.