Thanksgiving – 3 June 2023

1. Dear Mother Mary,

I’m slowly rebuilding my life after surviving cancer twice and a divorce. Thank you for this inner peace that I finally experience and helping me to let go of the pain and suffering of the past 10 years. I trust God to heal and bless me with good health so that I can watch my children grow up. Thank you so much Mother.

2. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for your most powerful intercession. We came to your shrine earlier this year to pray for my son’s university application. Two weeks ago, he received an offer from the university. Thank you so much for obtaining this favour from God. You are indeed so loving, so thoughtful, so understanding and so kind. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Son.

3. Loving Mother,

I first asked for your intercession to help me obtain employment. For two years, I faced multiple rejections and setbacks with job applications to the point I wanted to give up. I thought there was no hope for me anymore. After asking for your intercession, I continued to dedicate myself to prayer even as challenges kept coming at my way. However, recently, I finally secured a permanent position with the company I was temping for. The journey was tough but it made me appreciate God’s amazing plan even more. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Son.

4. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for helping my adult son who suffers from autism. He just turned twenty-six. There were many times that I lost hope but despite the troubles and obstacles I encountered during Covid-19, you were always there to hold my hand and guide me through the difficulties. Now he is back to his old self, smiling and happily attending weekly sessions of activities including church. I love you Mother Mary for being there always, for being my mentor and role model to do the best for my family and for the special needs community.

Your Ever-Loving Daughter.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thirteen years ago I came to this church asking for a job here in Singapore. In a month’s time, I got a job offer and have been in the same company ever since. Thank you loving Mother for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. Despite the challenges at work and of being away from my family, you continued to give me strength and have never left my side. My time here in Singapore is ending and I look forward to spending more time with my family. Thank you, dear Mother, for continuously guiding me. Your prayers have never failed me to this day. Thank you, again dear Mother.

6. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for interceding for me for all these years. The Lord has blessed me with a loving partner, who attended the RCIA at Novena and was baptized this year. We got engaged in March and we were blessed to attend the Engagement Encounter. We had wonderful dialogue and reflection. Thank you, Mother Mary, for interceding for us on our journey. As we’re planning our marriage and life together, we continue to ask for your intercession and we thank you for being with us.

Your Loving Daughter.

7. Dear Mother,

I am so thankful for your intercession. At the beginning of the year, my son told me that he was having a lot of difficulty preparing for his university exams. He was behind in his studies and wanted to give up. I felt very lost and decided to come for a novena devotion. One Saturday led to a weekly devotion. I found a lot of peace coming to Novena Church despite everything that was happening at home. I could hear a gentle voice telling me not to give up hope on my son, but to keep praying. He received his results today and he passed. It is indeed a miracle, for which I am very thankful. Mother, please continue to watch over him and our family.

Your Grateful Daughter.