Thanksgiving – 29 October 2022

1. Dear Mother,

My wife and daughter had an accident today while driving in Japan. The car went off the road and overturned on a slope. It is a miracle that both of them are safe and unhurt. I know it is because of divine protection and your powerful intercession. We greatly appreciate and thank you for your care and protection.

Your Son.

2. Dear Mother Mary,

On the 20th of October, we celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Thank You and our Lord Jesus for graciously blessing our marriage. Please continue to pray for us that we keep God at the centre of our family. Please continue to intercede for our family that we will always support each other until the end of our lives. We love and thank you dear Mother of Perpetual Help.

Your Faithful Children.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

My grandfather had a routine check-up done and the doctor suspected cancer and ordered a biopsy. I asked for your intercession for a favourable outcome. By God’s mercy and your intercession, the biopsy showed an early stage and non-aggressive cancer. There was no treatment required and the doctor told him to monitor it through routine scans twice a year. For now, he is doing well. I can’t thank you enough Mother Mary for your intercession.

Your Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

I want to say a big thank you to you for helping me secure a job in a financial company. Despite my lack of experience in the financial sector, they still accepted me and offered me a generous salary. I know all of this would not be possible without your intercession and the Lord’s mercy towards me. Thank You Mother Mary and Lord Jesus.

Your Beloved Son.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

It is with gratefulness that I am writing this thanksgiving letter on the 8th anniversary of my daughter being cancer free. I thank you for interceding for her healing her and please continue to grant her good health. Thank you, Mother for being on this journey of faith with me and for being with me especially during those challenging days of chemotherapy eight years ago in the hospital. I could not have gone through with it if not for you and your intercession for me and my daughter. You gave us strength, courage and faith in our Lord Jesus.

Your Grateful Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother Mary and Lord Jesus,

Thank you very much for helping my niece, to have a speedy recovery from a brain haemorrhage. She had a tough time during her stay in the hospital. It is a miracle that her vital organs were not affected by the fall and haemorrhage. Thank you for the good doctors who attended to her. Once again thank you my Mother Mary and Lord Jesus. Glory and Praise to God.

Your Catholic Daughter.

7. Dear Mother,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My nephew had been trying without success for months to obtain a visa to be able to travel for his wedding. Two weeks ago, I wrote a petition to you to grant his prayer. Within a week of the petition, my nephew obtained his visa. This is nothing but a miracle, brought about by your intercession. We love you Mother.