Thanksgiving – 28 May 2022

1. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for your kindness and intercession. I have been praying for my sister-in-law’s pregnancy to be a safe one. Thank you and Jesus for both your blessings, my baby niece was born this morning. Mother and baby are healthy, and the birth went smoothly. Thank you once again.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I am most grateful to you for interceding for me to your son Jesus. I feel so blessed to hear from my doctor that my breast ultrasound is fine, no harmful lump was found. The cyst disappeared. Please continue to guide and guard over me.

Your Grateful Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother,

Over the years that I have been coming to Novena Church and that’s on and off for nearly 37 years now. I have written many petitions. I have never forgotten what I asked for even though they may not have come in the exact form or exact time that I wanted them to happen. But I have always kept the faith that God the loving father knows what we need. Today, more than any day, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you for your intercession and for watching over me, dearest Mother of Perpetual Help. Please keep me near to you and never let me stray.

Love, Your Catholic Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for answering our prayers. We always wanted to have a child but was told by three different doctors that it was impossible due to my wife’s low egg count. A few days ago, she did several pregnancy tests at home and in the hospital and she is indeed pregnant. I am deeply grateful to you for interceding for us to Jesus and I pray that you will continue to look after my wife during her pregnancy.

Your Most Grateful Son.

5. Dearest Mother,

We thank you for all the blessings our family has received through your powerful intercession. Last week we came to attend the Novena Devotion for the first time after two years. On the way to the church, we miraculously escaped an accident. As we look back, we wonder how we avoided that accident. Mother Mary we believe that we were saved only because of your intercession to your Son, Jesus. Please continue to protect and guide us.

Your Loving Children.

6. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you for all your help and intercession for the difficulties my family has faced. We are now able to resolve obstacles and face challenges in our lives. Even when we quarrel with one another, we can sit down and talk about it and not attack each other or try to bad-mouth each other. One of the reasons is that we are willing to pray when things go wrong. We thank you Mother Mary and Our Lord for his mercy and grace in granting our petitions.

Your Grateful Son.

7. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I meant to write this thanksgiving letter many times but never got around to doing it. But, I decided that I should not procrastinate any longer. All I want to say, dear Mother, is that you have always answered my prayers in ways that I have not even realised it. It was only in hindsight that I realised that my petitions have come through. When things are going well, I tend to forget. It’s only when I need help that I realise you are always there. I pray that I will be more attentive to the needs of others and to you and your Son, Jesus. Thank you Mother for being patient with me.

Your Loving and Grateful Son.