Thanksgiving – 25 September 2021

1. Dearest Mother,

As a follower of the online Novena devotion, I know you are interceding for us. This is because I prayed and asked for your intercession for my non-Catholic friend to be with her mother in her last moment of her life and that she would gain comfort. True enough she was present at her mother’s dying moment and that she felt a sense of closure as her mother died peacefully. This experience means so much to her and her family because visiting her late mother at the hospital was such a hassle due to the restrictions during the pandemic. Thank you, dearest Mother, for looking after my friend.

Your Catholic Daughter.

2. Dear Mother,

Thank you for interceding on my behalf, to the Lord, to grant me a successful bypass in July. Through the Lord’s blessing, I went through a smooth surgery and recovery. Thank you, Mother.

Your Child.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

I am grateful and thankful to you for interceding in my petitions and prayers. The last few months, I was pleading to you to intercede, guide and give wisdom to my husband to change and become a responsible father to our children. My husband works in the city and my children are living in the country side with my parents. Just this weekend he sent me a message that he will go home to visit our children. I am thankful to you Dear Mother and our Lord that my husband is trying his best to change slowly and to take up his responsibilities as a father.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. My dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I went for a scope last month, and had a review of the result. Thank you that the colonoscopy showed that everything is fine. Thank you for your intercession.

Your Most Loving Non-Catholic Son.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank You so much. Most problems in my life are settled and I am living a relatively peaceful life. In addition I made new friends and now I am able to seek help from the Catholic community. I’ve learned to know more about you and to grow closer to you and our Lord, Jesus. Thank you Mother for your guiding hand.

Your Daughter.

6. Dear Mother,

A few years ago I was extremely depressed after my boyfriend left me and my mother passed away. I came to your shrine and prayed and I received comfort. Through your intercession I have recovered from the period of depression. Thank you, Mother, for your protection, guidance and intercession.

Your Grateful Daughter.

7. Dear Mother Mary,

In the past 2 weeks, I prayed and asked for your intercession for the following people: For my cousin who was in a critical brain condition, my friend’s sister and a colleague who were infected with Covid, my neighbour’s young son who was confined to the hospital because of a sudden seizure. Mother, they all got their health back and are now with their families. I am so overwhelmed by your prayers and intercession. My prayer was answered by your son, Jesus. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Daughter.

8. Dearest Mother Mary,

I would like to thank you and your beloved Son, Jesus for answering our prayers. A few weeks ago, I came to you asking you to pray for my uncle’s mother who contracted Covid in Malaka. She is currently on the road to recovery. Thank You Mother for your prayers and intercession.

Your Loving Children.

9. Dear Mother Mary,

I would like to thank you and God for giving me such a loving spouse. Even though my wife has departed from this earthly world, deep in my heart, I am very sure she is well protected by God. Mother, thank you for being with me when I journeyed through life without my spouse.  I am also glad that I am taking up catechism and I believe that it was not on my accord that I embarked on this journey but by the guidance and prayers of my wife in heaven and the prompting of the Holy Spirit that has led me to the catechism classes. Mother, as I continue my earthly life without my wife, I look forward with great hope that I will be united with her again in heaven. Mother thank you for your prayers and intercession.

Your Non-Catholic Son.