Thanksgiving – 25 February 2023

1. Dear Mama Mary,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us to overcome a situation related to my husband’s health last week. It was a bit traumatic to see him go through like that, but I kept my constant faith in Jesus and believed in your intercession that you will help us to deal with it. All reports came out normal and he is now recovering well. A million thanks to you for everything.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

This is to thank you for all the prayers and blessings you have showered on me and my dear ones over the years. I used to have severe bleeding issues and came to Novena church many times to pray for all my health problems. I had two fibroids in my uterus in the last year scan. And last week I had a scan once again and the doctor told me that one of the fibroids has disappeared. I know for sure it’s God’s miraculous touch. Thank you, mother, for always being there for us. Guide and protect us from all dangers. Strengthen our faith in Jesus, your Son.

Your Faithful Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for your intercession for healing me from cancer. Last year I was operated on and diagnosed with fallopian cancer. Because of my condition I couldn’t come to the Novena church, but attended the online Novena sessions regularly and prayed for your continuous help. Thank you for being with me throughout my chemotherapy, even though I faced a financial crisis because I didn’t have work. I always felt that you were there to intercede and provide all the help I needed and always sent someone to help me every time when I felt lonely. The doctor has confirmed the result of the cancer cells are gone and hence I’m healed from cancer. Thank you, Mother, I am looking forward to going back to work to continue to serve you and be God’s instrument in helping others.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Dear Mother Mary,

I wrote last year to ask for a return assignment back to where my family home is after a two-year break during the Covid time in which I was posted away from my family. This was a very difficult time because my daughters have special needs. My wife was left all alone managing my daughters. Thank you so much for having accorded me this request. My work is now based back in my family home as of August 2022. My family have been safe from Covid, and my work has been proceeded successfully.

Your Loving Son.

5. Dearest Mama Mary,

I would like to thank you for answering my prayers. I have asked your intercession and my husband’s application for relocation to Ontario was approved last week. We got good news from his boss that the director called him to hire my husband. We were so delighted dearest Mother because this is our chance to move closer to our family. Thank you for your powerful intercession. You were always there for me and my family since I started Novena in 2009. I am forever grateful for this chance, and I pray that you will continue to guide and pray for us dearest Mother. Please continue to guide us as we start this new journey.

Your Loving Daughter.

6. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I thank you for your prayers and intercession to help my daughter to have a successful caesarian birth. She has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Both Mother and daughter are doing well. Please continue to journey with them and let my daughter grow in faith. Thank you, Mother.

Your Daughter.