Thanksgiving – 25 Apr 2020

  1. Dear Mother,

I wrote a petition to you about a week ago asking for your protection for my son and his colleagues from the Covid-19 virus. So far, all of them do not have any symptoms. Thank you dear, Mother, and please continue to protect all of them.


  1. Dearest Mother,

Thank you so much for listening to our prayer and interceding for us. My son received an offer to a local university one day after his entrance interview. We are both overjoyed and thankful for your graciousness in answering our prayers. May you continue to bless and guide my son in his academic journey. Thank you once again, Mother.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

A month ago, I came to ask for your intercession on behalf of a colleague. Both she and her husband were falsely accused of child abuse. Matters got worse, and their child was forcibly separated from them and sent to a children’s home, just because of some heated arguments and miscommunication. We were all heartbroken, as we all knew how much the couple loved the boy. The boy’s parents endured numerous sleepless nights. The poor boy also cried himself to sleep every night.

I came to you and asked you to intercede to our Lord Jesus to help them. Upon reflection, the husband realized that his bad temper was one of the main causes of his family’s predicament. The boy also realized that his father spoke his mind without much thought, resulting in this complicated scenario. Thankfully, the boy was finally allowed to return and be reunited with his family last Friday. Thank you, Mother.


  1. Dear Mother,

Thank you for hearing my prayers. I was due for a cervical biopsy 2 weeks ago. I was worried and fearful. During the check-up, the gynae said it was a mild case and I did not need any biopsy. Words cannot express how happy I felt as the infection had been with me for the past ten years. Thank you once again Mother.


  1. Dear Mother Mary,

I am grateful for this period of time where daily Masses are so easily accessible online. In the past, I only attended Mass on Sundays, and I tried my best to listen carefully throughout the entire mass and to absorb as much as I could. However, it was a struggle as I have two daughters to look after during Mass. With this online streaming of Masses and devotions, I now enjoy easy access to the Mass and spiritual resources at my convenience. It helps in my daily spiritual journey.