Thanksgiving – 24 September 2022

1. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you and our Lord, Jesus, for his gracious blessings on my family and myself! We were blessed with a wonderful family gathering in KL, followed by my son’s and daughter’s internships and my daughter’s 1st class honours results. We are also blessed with our home renovations and relocation plans are going on very well. I’m blessed with my retirement income plan, as well as my career plan. I thank God for these graces.

Your Grateful Children.

2. Dear Mother Mary,

On 11th September, 2022, we celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for supporting our family in keeping us united, peaceful and always journeying with us. Mother Mary, thank you for the gift of my spouse and two sons… Please continue to bless and pray for us that we make Jesus the centre of our lives. Please guide us not to stray away. Please continue to intercede for me and my spouse that we can always be together and support each other until the end of our lives. We love and thank you dear Mother of Perpetual Help.

Your Grateful Daughter and Son.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

A few months ago I wrote a petition to you seeking for your intercession for my dad’s hospitalisation claims to be approved and for my mum’s health check-up screening results to be normal. With your intercession, his claims were approved and we no longer need to worry about the cost of his cancer treatment anymore. My mum’s health screening results were also normal. Thank you for hearing my prayers and I hope to be your Catholic daughter soon.

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for my husband’s 40th birthday. He has attained his RES license and found a new job after 2 years. He has been trusting the Lord and asking for your intercession whenever he encountered issues. Thank you, Mother Mary for your kindness and may you continue to protect my husband and grant him courage in his new job.

Your Grateful Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

With my most grateful heart, I would like to thank you for helping me to do well in my interviews. I received two pieces of good news: I have been offered a scholarship as well as an internship. Thank you for your intercession and please continue to pray for me and my family.

Your Catholic Daughter.

6. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I thank you for granting and blessing us with a day with many possibilities and with our dear life. Thank u for blessing and protecting us, from negativity and potential problems, reducing the gravity of the issues we faced. We are ever grateful to your Son Lord Jesus and you, my Mother, for listening to us and bringing God’s blessings to our family. Thank you for blessing my husband to be a more proactive husband. Thanks for the helper who is conscientious in her work, in taking care our children and our home. Thank you for blessing my husband with the opportunities in his business and working with great partners. We, as a family, are ever grateful to you and your Son. Thank you, dear Mother.

7. Dearest Mama Mary,

Thank you so much for holding my hand and blessing my family. Teach me to be obedient and faithful like you and to do God’s will always. Bring us closer to your beloved Son, Jesus. Thanks for answering and praying for us. I love you Mama Mary for being my heavenly mother. Thank you, Jesus for giving Mary to be our mother.

Your Grateful Child.