Thanksgiving – 23 October 2021

1. Dear Mother,

I surrendered my niece into your loving hands. Recently she applied for a new job and with 3 rounds of interviews. She was successful and secured the job. As she does not receive any love from her parents, I surrendered her to our Lord Jesus, today she is being showered with all your love and guidance.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother,

Thank you so much for guiding the team who operated on me last week. I had a bypass surgery and the operation was a success. My family members were surprised that I was able to be discharged from hospital in a week. Taking into the consideration my other illnesses that I have, all of them said that it was a miraculous recovery and even my surgeon said that. I am back home and am up and about. Mother, it is only through your intercession that I could recover so fast.

Your Grateful Son.

3. Dear Mother Mary,

I will be celebrating my 60th birthday and I want to thank you very much for interceding for me to your Son, Jesus, for the graces and blessings through the years. There have been times when I had forgotten about you but you have never forgotten me. Thank you for the good health that I have enjoyed that I often took for granted.

Your Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother,

This thanksgiving letter is very much overdue. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. The diagnosis took us by shock as she had always been healthy and active. With the diagnosis, I found myself very angry with God, as I had just lost my sibling less than a year prior and I thought God was playing a cruel joke on my family in a really short span of time. My mum always had a devotion to our Lady and the rosary. When she was hospitalised and even when she was sent home, I found myself suddenly returning to “attending” online Novena devotion with my mum. I had stopped attending the devotion more than 12 years ago when demands and distractions of work and bringing up a family came up. Through the Novena devotion, I was reminded of and felt blessed with a sense of peace, well-being and comfort. The words especially the prayers for the sick really brought comfort. Although I had complicated feelings in my relationship with God at that time, it was as if Mother Mary understood totally and was gently bringing me back to God and praying for me, too. My mum passed away 4 months after her diagnosis. And while I am sad for the loss, I am also filled with a wonder and appreciation at the graces poured out during this time of gratitude, love and peace. I am deeply grateful for wonderful and precious family memories and time together for the grace of a happy death for my mum and a new found appreciation of our Catholic faith and the beautiful teachings of the Church for the departed souls. I know my job here on earth now is to pray for the departed souls and ask Mother Mary to intercede for them so that one day we may meet again in the Promised Land of Heaven.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for helping my daughter in her 3rd term exams. She has managed to do well this time and we are happy that she has done well. Thank you for your intercessions during her preparations.

Your Grateful Son.

6. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I want to say a huge   thank you to you for always being with me. Just a year ago when I left my job and was very lost, I did not know what to do. I wrote to you a few times in the past year and each time, my prayers were answered and I got stronger. Today I am on my way to starting a new job after passing the mandatory exams. I am excited for what is to come because I know that no matter what happens, I always have you and your beloved Son, by my side. Thank you, Mother Mary, for always giving me beautiful messages to strengthen my faith.

Your Loving Daughter.

7. Dear Mother,

Thank you for journeying with me each step of the way especially during this lonely difficult time. The anxieties that I have for my son and daughter-in-law in the US. The last time they came back for a visit was in 2019. With all these pandemic restrictions, I do not know when we’ll be able to see each other in person again. Nobody could understand my fears for them with the thousands of cases. As they are foreigners in the US, I feared that they would not be given the vaccination. I confided in you, my dearest Mother, and you assured me that they will be well taken care of. Both my son and daughter-in-law received their vaccinations and they are doing fine. Thank you, dear Mother, for protecting them and thank you for all your prayers and intercession.

Your Grateful Child.