Thanksgiving – 22 Aug 2020

1. Dearest Mother Mary,

I attended Mass today since the lockdown on 14 February. Unlike the usual vibrancy, there were only 50 people. No music, no procession and just somber. Yet during this quiet time, I was able to reflect and realise that there are many things I am thankful for. I am thankful for the health of my family and friends. Amidst these challenging times, I am thankful we are still paid with salaries even though we are working from home and are able to provide for our family and to give back to society. I am especially thankful for our government who has been doing their best to keep the economy going and providing all the monetary assistance to those in need. But I am most thankful to people who share positive and life-giving messages and songs through social media to give hope to all. Thank you, Mother, for your continuous prayers to your Son, Jesus.

Your Ever-Grateful Daughter.

2. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for an amazing year so far that I am able to stay strong despite many hardships. Covid-19 barely had any impact on me but I pray for those badly affected that your prayers be with them. Thank you that there has been progress and more vaccines are being developed. Thank you for giving us hope and helping us to stay close despite the closure of the Church. Thank you for everything.

Love, Your Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for interceding and praying for our family. Our daughter just turned 6 months old last week. We had difficulties having a child and we prayed to you for the blessing of a baby. After more than a year, my wife conceived. The pregnancy went smoothly but after delivery, our daughter had to go to NICU as she had difficulty breathing. Thank you for your intercession and prayers in helping her to recover and for keeping her healthy.

Your Grateful Son.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Thank you for always giving me hope whenever I am lost. Thank you for an amazing term. I gave my best so I am hoping for a good result. Thank you for holding my hand and journeying with me this far regardless of my sinful nature.

Your Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

Today is my 62nd birthday. You have been watching over me on my journey so far. Thank you for all the blessing bestowed upon me.

Your Grateful Child.

6. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for your powerful intercession to heal my colleague who was critically ill in ICU. I wrote a petition last Saturday and he recovered well to be transferred to a normal ward on Wednesday and was discharged on Friday. This is indeed a divine miracle. A kind and humble man, God has taken care of him. Thank you for your intercession.

Your Grateful Daughter.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

This weekend marks the start of the third trimester of my pregnancy. Thank you for your prayers and intercession for a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy thus far. It is truly wonderful to feel the baby moving in my womb. I continue to pray that the pregnancy will continue to go smoothly and that my beloved baby will continue to grow well and healthily. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to you and our Lord Jesus, for this baby.

Your Catholic Daughter.