Thanksgiving – 22 April 2023

1. Dear Mother Mary,

3 weeks ago, I was told by my doctor that they had found pre-cancer cells in my cervix and that I had to go for surgery. My operation was on 4th April. However, on 31st March I met a gynae friend and she encouraged me to seek a second opinion. On Saturday, at the Novena session, as I listened to the numerous thanksgiving letters, I felt the urge to pray for a miraculous healing for myself. I asked for your intercession that the 2nd doctor would proclaim me free of pre-cancer. That afternoon, as the doctor scanned my cervix, she told me, ‘I don’t see any pre-cancer cells, your cervix is perfectly healthy. I know such a quick and miraculous healing could only come from your intercession for me and I thank my friend for prompting me to seek a second opinion.

Your Grateful Daughter.

2. Thank you for blessing me with the mental and physical strength to go through my Lenten fast.

Your Loving Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother, thank you for praying for our family in this stressful time. We are able to put food on the table, have a job and the boys are able to study without disturbance.

Your Son.

4. Dear Mother,

I wrote a petition 2 weeks ago asking for your help to intercede for my God-daughter’s interview with Singapore Airlines as a pilot. She received the good news 3 days ago. This would not have been possible without your help. Once again, thank you Mother.

Your Catholic Son.

5. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

This thanksgiving letter comes with my heartfelt gratitude to you for your intercession. My pregnant niece caught the covid virus last week when the baby was due. On the 2nd day after her covid test was negative, she felt the contractions and was rushed to the hospital. By the grace of God, she gave birth to her baby within 30 minutes. Both mother and child are healthy and were discharged on Day 3. Thank you sincerely for the gift of this beautiful baby and the protection throughout the pregnancy.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter.

6. Dear Mama Mary,

Thank you for your intercession for my mum to have a successful surgery. Please pray that she will have a speedy recovery.  

Your Loving Son.

7. Dear Mother Mary,

My daughter’s mother-in-law had a bad fall and broke her upper right leg. Due to her age, it was difficult for her return back to her normal walking. With your intercession, she came out of bed, removed her cast, and was able to walk even without the aid of a walking frame or walking stick. Her speedy recovery would not have happened without your prayers. Thank you so much for your kind and loving care.

Your Faithful Daughter.

8. Mother Mary, thank you for helping me to pass my exam.

Your Grateful Catholic Daughter. 

9. Dear Mother Mary,

This letter is long overdue. My elder son managed to get a job offer after 4 months out of prison. Thank you for your intercession. You never fail to take care of me, a widow, and my family.

Your Daughter.

10. Dearest Mother,

Thank you for looking after me and my family during the month of March. Thank you for giving us the patience and endurance whenever someone made us angry or frustrated. Forgive us when we sin or stray away.

Your Grateful Daughter.

11. Mother, my father passed away without much suffering. We had family time together before he died. Through your prayers, he decided to become a Catholic before his death. Please continue to bless our family with peace.

Your Son.

12. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

It’s been a long long time since I wrote to you. I remember attending the Novena session every Saturday in the 1950’s with my husband. Time passed and we got married and raised a family. All along you were with us, helping us to overcome our difficulties & differences. I am really grateful to you Mother for watching over me in every chapter of my life. I want to thank you also for the gift of a good husband who passed away last year. I miss him so much and wish him eternal rest. Mother, help me to be a good mother to my children.

Your Daughter.