Thanksgiving – 20 November 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary,

I want to offer my thanksgiving to you & to the Lord for a blessed life in terms of good health, wealth & abundance in our lives given these pandemic times. No matter whatever challenges we have faced, you & your Son, Jesus, have not deserted me and instead have opened up ways and means to help me overcome them. Thank you for protecting my family & extended family from the virus and for keeping us strong both physically & mentally. I pray that the cases in Singapore will drastically decline and that travel may open up for us to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones back home. We thank you Mother Mary for your constant blessings on me & my family.

Your loving daughter in Christ.

2. Dearest Mother,

In July, I got into some trouble at work. My team was accused of a wrongdoing that could have had dire consequences. We went through several rounds of questioning. I was very down, anxious and paranoid. My health and family life were affected. I prayed hard for your intercession and with God’s grace, I received the good news on your Birthday that my team was cleared of the allegation. Though I was given a warning, I am relieved and thankful for this outcome which is fair and acceptable. Thank you, Mother, for journeying with me during this agonizing period.

Your grateful daughter.

3. Thank you very much, dear Mother Mary that through your help and intercession, my daughter found a job after completing university studies despite the difficult time we are in. Not only that, you gave her a role that she wanted and hoped for. Thank you for looking after her, keeping her well in mind, body and spirit while studying overseas and for her safe return to Singapore. May you continue to watch over her and grant your motherly protection and care as she journeys into the working world.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

This is a long overdue thanksgiving letter. Thank you for your generous intercession for my dearest sister who had successfully undergone a surgery to remove a brain tumour in November 2019. The news of my sister’s brain tumour came so suddenly and the doctor advised that she needed a surgery to remove it urgently. My family and I sought a few opinions and prayed for God’s guidance and discernment to make the best decision for my sister. Her surgery went smoothly and I know you were with us through it all and it was with your constant intercession that she was able to have a speedy recovery after her surgery. Five days after my sister’s surgery, my grandfather passed away. I was worried that my mother was going to break down, remembering how distressed she was during the passing of my grandmother many years ago. I truly believe that it was with your intercession that my mother turned out so strong this time and I am really grateful to you. Fast forward 2 years, my sister is doing well although her memory seems to have deteriorated quite a bit, but my family and I remain hopeful that through your intercession, God will heal her and restore her to full health once again, in His time.

Your grateful daughter.

5. Dear Mother,

I give thanks to the Lord for blessing me with 3 beautiful children to hug and to hold. For a husband who tries his best to do what is good for the family and provide for us. I also give thanks for our baby whom we lost earlier this year. That we now have a little angel in heaven to watch over our family.

6. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

We are so thankful that our daughter, was blessed with a placement in NUS school of Medicine in June 2019. Thank you for answering to our prayers to admit her to university after being blessed with good results in the Junior college. We could not have done it without Mother Mary’s intercession and God’s blessing. Whilst this has been over two years, we are still very grateful for Mother Mary’s prayers as the journey to the University admission was not without any snags. Her first application was rejected but after 37 days of endless prayers, we were guided to make an appeal. To our surprise, our prayers were answered. We believe this was our first encounter with God’s miracle in our life. This gift is not only for her but also for the family. Being able to study locally instead of overseas had many benefits which were not evident then until Covid 19 struck us in early 2020. We eat together as a family now and we are also thankful for God’s blessing to keep the family safe and together. Thank you, Mother Mary for interceding in all our prayers.

7. Dearest Mother Mary,

My mother of 89 years old had a very bad fall at home in September 2019. She broke her arm and was admitted to the hospital. Due to her age, most doctors said that the broken arm would not heal and she would have no more use of that arm. The fall has brought anguish to the family and many visits to several doctors looking for a solution. Thank you, Mother Mary for helping us to find a doctor who was willing to operate on her broken arm. Two years have passed and we are so thankful she has regained mobility and is no longer handicapped by her fall. Thank you, Mother Mary for giving me strength during this ordeal. You have again supported me when I sought for your intersession and you have aided me throughout my hardships. Again, thank you for your intersession of my petitions, and blessing my family.