Thanksgiving – 2 October 2021

1. Dear Mother Mary,

Thank you that my eldest girl did very well in her IB exams. She has gotten a place to study medicine at NUS. Please continue to guide and support her during her university studies. Thank you, Mother.

Your Loving Son.

2. Dear Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help,

I felt extremely blessed and very grateful to be able to attend the Annual Procession 2021 in church. Thank you, Mother Mary. The Annual Procession has always been a very special and meaningful celebration, which I have attended many times and on a few occasions, was even involved in different duties.

Your Grateful Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary,

My son and his fiancée applied unsuccessfully for a BTO flat 9 times. They were contemplating purchasing a resale flat on the open market but prices are sky high and that would have been a huge financial burden as they are just starting their careers. In May this year, I wrote a petition to you, asking for your intercession. On 6th September, the day after the procession, my son received the good news that not only was his application successful, he was guaranteed a unit of his choice. Mother, we know this would not have been possible if not for your intercession. Please continue to pray for them in their married life. Thank you so much, Mother Mary.

Your Forever Grateful Daughter

4. Dearest Mother Mary,

My unvaccinated 75-year-old mother in Indonesia was infected with Covid-19. She is a high-risk patient as she has diabetes, hypertension and a heart condition. I rushed to pray outside your shrine at Novena Church to seek your intercession – that she would get a hospital bed as her oxygen level was low and all the hospitals were full. She got a bed in the hospital as well as good treatment. She was discharged 2 weeks later and is now recuperating at home. Thank you, Mother, for your kind intercession. Words cannot express my thankfulness.

Your Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother Mary,

Thank you for your intercession. In May, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I was plunged into turmoil – I was worried about my job, financial commitments and family. Fortunately, I had a wonderful oncologist and a successful operation to remove the tumour within 2 weeks. My company also agreed to give me 6 months paid hospitalisation leave and reassured me that my position would be secure. I have been undergoing chemotherapy for the last three months and the side effects get me down. I pray the rosary and it helps me to feel calm and close to your Son, our Lord Jesus. Thank you for your help and intercession. Please continue to watch over my recovery.

Your Loving Catholic Daughter.