Thanksgiving – 16 Dec 2017


  1. Dearest Mother, Thank you for your powerful intercession for my grand-daughter to pass her PSLE. We did not expect that she will make it considering the results she obtained in her preliminary examinations. Somehow, through the grace and mercy of God, she managed to obtain a pass that allows her to go to a Secondary School Normal Stream. We pray that you will continue to help her to get into a good school and hope that she will change her negative attitude into a positive one in her next phase of her education.

Your Faithful Daughter.


  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, This is a thanksgiving letter that should have been penned a long time ago, but I have been procrastinating till now. Thank you for the countless blessings you have showered on my family and me and for the numerous intercessions all these years. I came to your shrine seeking your guidance for my son for his secondary 3 examinations when he did not do well and had to resit. He managed to move on to secondary 4 next year.  Without your prayers this will not happen.

Your Ever Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Loving Mother, Thank you for answering my prayers and for all the graces received through you. I am grateful and thankful, my life is much settled now. Never did I dream that I will be able to buy a new car and get a new job. Please continue to guide me in doing my job well. Thank you once again Mother Mary.

Your Loving Daughter.


  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, This is a long overdue letter. I left my job of 7 years and went to a club to work. It was not suitable for me and I had to leave after 2 years. Now I have got a new job as a Training Manager. I enjoy the work and I hope I will continue to do well in it. Thank you Mother, for helping me through my difficult times.

Your Son.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, Thank you for my 3 children who did well in their examinations and will be going to the next level of education. It is through your prayers and guidance that they have kept going. Please continue to pray and intercede for us.

Your Son.


  1. Dearest Mother, I thank you so much for healing my eyes. Earlier today when I met my eye doctor for my check up, I was overjoyed when the doctor told me that I need not worry about the condition of my eyes. I did not expect to hear this but I know it is through your intercession.

Your Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, Although I have been baptized since 2005, I have not attended many novenas. But I am very glad I have just completed my first 9 consecutive Novenas since the new Church reopened. Although it had been challenging to wake up before 6am to attend the novena and still work for 12 hours as a security guard, it had been very special and not a bit tiring even though I am 66 years old. This, I believe, is the blessing and intercession to your Son, Jesus Christ. On behalf of my family, I sincerely thank you for all the help and graces we have experienced through the difficult times.

Your Grateful Son.


  1. Dearest Mother, Thank you and your Son, for looking after me all these 80 years of my life. Yesterday, my birthday coincided with your feast of the Immaculate Conception – I am indeed blessed! Thank you also for my grand-daughter’s 3-month internship in Los Angeles. Please continue to guide and protect her during her stay there.

Your Grateful Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, Thank you for hearing and interceding for me. I came to ask for your intercession that I would be able to join my Church for the Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2018. But it was fully booked. I was so sad but somehow I knew you will speak to your Son about my petition. Without fail, my intercession was answered and I finally can go because someone dropped out of the trip. Thank you for interceding for me and I pray that we will have a fruitful and safe trip.

Your Loving Daughter.


  1. Dearest Mother, This thanksgiving letter is to acknowledge that you are truly Our Mother of Perpetual Help. After two years of praying for my son to secure a job as a pilot, there was no progress and we were getting disheartened. I wrote a petition on 15th July seeking your intercession to our Lord Jesus to grant him a flying career. He was asked to go for an interview within 3 weeks and on the same day, he was offered a contract to start training. Praise the Lord, he has successfully completed his training and flying as a junior officer in a commercial airline. Please continue to intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ to grant him humility and for the Holy Spirit to fill him with wisdom so that he will make wise and right decisions in all that he does.

Your Catholic Children.