Thanksgiving – 15 October 2022

1. Thank you, Mama Mary for interceding for my son. It is only through the help of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and through your intercession that he has passed his degree course. He went through tough times and faced multiple issues like attendance, rejection and others. He almost gave up on this course because of these problems but you were there for him dear Mother. I promised I would send this thanksgiving letter if he passed and you have heard and answered my plea. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest Mother. Please continue to bless him and be with him as he moves on to the next phase of his journey. Bless all those who have helped him in various ways during his time of need.

Your Loving Daughter.

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Succour,

I wrote a petition just a week ago, asking for intercession for my son who was found to have a low parathyroid hormone level and who was referred for further testing and investigation at the hospital. On Tuesday this week he had more blood tests done and on Friday we received a call from the doctor saying that his parathyroid hormone level went up and everything else seems fine. Thank you, dearest Mother for your intercession.

Your Most Grateful Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother,

A special thanks to you and to your Son, our Lord Jesus, for saving and healing me. In June this year we planned for a trip to Europe sometime in September. We spent almost two months trying to match our flights, accommodation and other arrangements. But it couldn’t just fit in and couldn’t work out. Then came the issue of luggage problems in Europe airports. Thus, we decided to stop checking and forgot about the whole idea of going. Suddenly on the afternoon of 15th September at home I had a problem with my vision. I was so scared, but thank God my husband and children were at home. My son immediately accompanied me to A&E for a check-up, followed by the next day to see the specialist. It turned out that it was my heart issue. I was admitted and had various tests done. It ended up with angioplasty in my blocked artery. The doctor said that I was lucky as I could have suffered a stroke. Mother, you really saved me because my planned Europe trip was from September 15th to 29th. Only you and your Son, know what’s going to happen. You gave me all the signs in order to stop me from going. With your blessings I’m now fine and recovering. Truly, I’m very grateful and thankful for all your love, guidance and watching over me and my family.

Your Grateful Daughter.

4. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

Our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful intercession for my surgery and healing journey. My surgery in September was successful with no complications. The recovery process was smooth with all the great support. This was only made possible with your intercession and prayers. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Faithful Catholic Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help,

I’m writing this letter to give thanks for all your help and intercession in answering our petitions. Our 39 year-old married daughter had an unexpected pregnancy. We were all delighted though concerned. During her first two pregnancies, there were times when she was required to rest completely in bed because she was bleeding. The second pregnancy required her to be hospitalised because she had severe bleeding on a flight back to Singapore from a holiday. The gynaecologist advised her not to have any more children. She was told that there was increased risk in her pregnancy. My wife and I prayed to you for the safety and health of our daughter and her baby. Throughout her pregnancy, besides the usual morning sickness, she did not experience any difficulties or problems. There was no high blood pressure and no bleeding. She gave birth to a healthy girl baby in early September. When the baby’s birth was announced we were delighted and, overwhelmed with emotion. We immediately gave praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus and to you dear Mother Mary for your tremendous love and protection. Thank you, dear Mother Mary.

Your Grateful Son and Daughter.