Thanksgiving – 14 May 2022

1. Dearest Mother, I have been wearing my cochlear implant audio processor since 1st April 2021. I thank you for praying with me by helping me to be more familiar with sound and people’s voices. Thank you for helping me not to end my life, not to give up so easily on using my cochlear implant and to have faith in the Lord and in you. Thank you too for guiding me to have strength in using my audio processor and I can almost hear about 70 percent of the sounds around me. Your Grateful Child.

2. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I would like to thank you and Jesus with all my heart for answering my prayers. Thank you and Jesus for guiding my agents to secure a tenant for my vacant property. Please continue to intercede to Jesus to guide my contractors, agents and helper to prepare the house well for a smooth and peaceful handover on 1st May. Thank you for all your love and prayers, dearest Mother. Your Faithful Daughter.

3. Dearest Mother Mary, thank you for your intercession in helping my 2nd brother’s CT Scan on his lungs to come back with favourable results. There is no evidence of cancer. Thank you for this tremendous blessing. He has been advised on how to manage the persistent asthma which he has been troubled with in recent months. Please help him to maintain good health and enjoy many more good years with us. Your Loving Daughter.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour, words cannot express how thankful I am to you and Jesus for guiding my son in his education all these years. 5 years ago, my prayers were answered and my son was offered a place at the NUS Medical School. Today, he passed his MBBS exams and has become a doctor. Please continue to intercede to Jesus to guide him so he will remain healthy and will be able to cope with his demanding job as a Houseman in the hospital. Please guide him to learn to be a competent doctor with a heart to comfort the afflicted. Your Devoted Daughter.

5. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, thank you for watching over me and my baby and helping to keep us safe. Please continue to bless us as I enter my third trimester and bless us with a smooth delivery. Your Faithful Daughter.

6. Dear Mother, 3 years ago on this exact date, my daughter arrived way earlier than expected, weighing 925g. Tiny one and fighting for her life, days were filled with many dark moments, struggles and uncertainties. Today she is 3 years old and with God’s grace and your constant intercession, we are grateful and thankful to our Lord and you, Mother Mary, for journeying together with us. We are thankful and grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon our family. Your Loving Children.

7. Dear Mother Mary, thank you very much for your intercession following my petition. The blood test result is negative. This is all because of your help. I am so grateful to you, Mother. Your Catholic Son.

8. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, today is the 6th birthday of my youngest son. I am thankful to you because you gave me such a wonderful gift. Though I am not with him in Philippines, your guidance and protection as a heavenly Mother is always with him. Your Grateful Daughter.